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...I want teams to be afraid to play the Steelers again. And if the pass rush steps up, then that frees up all sorts of things. If the QB doesn't have any time, we can put Anthony "My Favorite Martian" Smith out on the field to ball hawk and knock heads... As long as we don't leave him responsible for the deep middle for more than 6 seconds or so, I think he's fine as FS. And you can't deny that kid can hit...
What worries me about Smith is not his abilities, but his head. He needs to realize his job is safety, not linebacker. But, if he could ever figure out how to control his aggresiveness and still be affecting at stopping the run, he could be a really good one.
Well you can't leave a DB in coverage for very long and expect success. I figure with Smith, the time that he's effective is even less. With Troy's ridiculous closing speed, maybe Troy should play FS and AS should move to SS..