Who on the Steeler's defense will have a career year? I'll pick two:

1. I think that Kiesel will have the best season he has ever had. I'll bet 6+ sacks as a result of teams accounting for Woodley on the other side and Woodley forcing QBs to move to their left. I'll also predict 5+ sacks for Aaron Smith because of teams being forced to deal with Woodley's outside rush.

2. I also think that if LeBeau uses him properly, then Troy will be Top 3 in the league in INTs. I think the team will have seen the wear and tear the "blitz up the middle" scheme is taking on Troy and have him play back more. Adding Woodley will increase the pass rush to the point they were trying to do with Troy and make him wrestling 300+lbs OLmen not necessary. I also think that Timmons gets a better pass rush up the middle on blitzes than Foote or Farrior.

See the trend--Woodley and Timmons are the keys.