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Thread: Bad news,guys!!!

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    Bad news,guys!!!

    Hey everybody!!I was reading the Trib a little while ago and found out some really bad news regarding Patrick Williams.Some of you may know his wife's battle with cancer.Well,he just got the news today that she only has a few weeks to live.It may not be my place to post this here,but here's the link.I thought maybe some of you would want to gve him some support!!!Thanks!!

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    Re: Bad news,guys!!!

    ....that is terrible, terrible news. I have been praying for Annette for
    a long time and was hoping she would beat this. This is awful.

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    Re: Bad news,guys!!!

    Thanks for posting. I sent him a PM.

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    Re: Bad news,guys!!!

    That poor bugger. Chadman urges you all to give him your sympathies. He has fought bravely along with his wife & deserves our best wishes.

    Chadman has sent him a PM on Trib.

    Good luck Patrick Williams.
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    Re: Bad news,guys!!!

    PM sent...just extremely sad, I will pray for strength and courage for him and his family.
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    Re: Bad news,guys!!!

    This is tragic...and my prayers are with Patrick, his wife and family.
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    Re: Bad news,guys!!!

    Just sent my pm as well.
    So very sad.

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    Re: Bad news,guys!!!

    There aren't words. I can't imagine what he is going through. I can only hope that if I am ever put in a similar situation, I can show a fraction of the courage and strength he has shown. Patrick, you and your family continue to be in my prayers.

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    Re: Bad news,guys!!!

    I lost my father to cancer, but even that couldn't prepare me for if I found out my wife had it. My prayers are with Patricks family. God bless you, brother.


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