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FLA...i know you are THRILLED that I am here as I always challenge you to this type of stuff.

I think you should read my subsequent posts on this matter. I have said he could be an adequate RT but will never be able to be a LT b/c he's too slow and would/will be eaten ALIVE by rush ends.

Starks doesn't suck...but he's not a LT and as a RT I really dont think he's worth more than 4.5 million per year. But then again Kendall Simmons isnt worth 6 million either!
I'm damn glad you're here brother...you bring a lot to the table, whether we always agree or not.

I think he could play LT with his wieght under control (which it is) but for now I do see him as a RT, especially if Marvel is back to full health. I would estimate that if a long-term deal gets done (and I do believe it will) that his cap hit next year will be around $5.5M. That could be lessened with a back-loaded deal, but I don't think it'll be skewed too much that way.