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Thread: Dennis Dixon

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    Re: Dennis Dixon

    I see him as Batch's eventual successor while filling the slash role...even once Batch is gone.

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    Re: Dennis Dixon

    Quote Originally Posted by stlrz d
    I see him as Batch's eventual successor while filling the slash role...even once Batch is gone.

    Batch seems like he has been in the league for years but he is still relatively young and his contract is friendly. I think Batch is O.K. with his role with the Steelers and as long as he keeps performing well I see him staying around for many years.

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    Re: Dennis Dixon

    Quote Originally Posted by BigLebowski
    I think the Steelers expected when they took him, that he will learn the QB position from Ben and Charlie, with hopes of being Ben's backup. But my gut is telling me, that he really won't be much of a QB in this league, and he will end up as a returner, or receiver getting the ball in space and using his speed and agility(not his arm) to make plays.

    ***But how great would it be if Dixon turns out to be a quality NFL signal caller, and the Steelers could possibly use him to acquire some future high round picks???

    This is the plan almost certainly. I believe he'll be able to play in this league. We'll see.


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    Re: Dennis Dixon

    I like Dixon, but I think he gets "injured" in camp and goes on IR for the year. He needs work on his mechanics and realistically he won't be 100% with an acl surgery until Novemeber or December.
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