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That's a good start for now.... I'm sure more questions will come up.

Can we do something with the quotes? Maybe just quote the post we are quoting and not the entire string.
I've already found out that you can only have a maximum of three quotes in your post, so that seems pretty reasonable to me. I think it's sometimes beneficial to see a brief history of the conversation if it's from a previous page.

As far as the troll idea, I posted this in another thread;

...I would say keep it open to the entire board and not exclude anyone not labeled with a "Troll" status.

Hey, can we do that to posters jhansle?

Five votes (or maybe a few more if you all decide) would get someone the troll tag much like they now currently do from the mods at the Trib board (or do they choose to identify themselves that way?). We would need to have concrete criteria for earning the tag and maybe a troll classification to distinguish between the various forms of trolls.

I'm sure most of y'all have seen this since there's not a lot of action here yet, but I like the idea and wanted to see if you guys were like-minded and maybe wanted to build on it.

I noticed the 3 quote max too but the problem is if you don't keep an eye on the number the post doesn't go through. It's then up to you to trim the post down to 3 quotes. That is a bit of a nuisance but can definetly be worked around.