1) J. Stewart-RB: I believe the top Tackles and Guard will be long gone by the time
#23 rolls around. Stewart is a rare talent who can do it all including help in the
return game. He has the ability to help in the run and the pass game and will
be too much value for the Steelers to pass on.

2) Trevor Laws-DE: Non stop motor, leader, productive and is everything a
Steeler DE should be. Rumors are that the Steelers are VERY high on the guy.
He will make it into the DL rotation by game 1 and instantly provide much needed

3) R. Bryant-DT: Hampton's future replacement. The guy is a monster run stuffing machine.
Teams will need to focus on him much like they have had to do with Hampton in the past. Hamptons
play has slipped a bit due to age and his time with the Steelers is coming to an end.

4) M. McGlynn-OL: When beginning the mocks...there is no way I believed we would wait until
the 4th to grab a OL guy. The offseason moves have changed my mind a bit. McGlynn is a versitile,
tough locker room leader who is built in the mold of a prototypical Steeler OLman. He works hard, has
a non stop motor and is very physical. He will be a tremendous value if he makes it to us in the 4th.

5) A. Arrington-WR: 6 foot 3 and athletically gifted...AA will provide good value in the 5th. He was extremely
productive considering he played second fiddle to Manningham. 62 catches 882 yards and 8tds by a #2 isn't bad.
He has all the skills to be a SOLID #2 WR in the NFL.

6) J. Leman-ILB: WOW, do I like this guy. I can't believe I had forgotten about him until now. I watched him really throw that OSU O for a loop when they played. He is extremely productive...132 tackles 10.5 for a loss his senior season. His athletic ability is limited but will make a SOLID ST'r and back up LB for years to come.

Come draft day...if this mock pans out I will be a very happy man.