I can see us going several ways for the first round. Even though RB is not the most pressing need, there are two RB's that will be taken in the first round that fit the mold, "Steeler's RB." If either are available I think we should draft them, especially considering our biggest need (OL) is very deep in this draft. My wish list for first round pick...in order

1)Jonathan Stewart-Don't think he will be available for our pick, but if he is..we need to get him.

2)Rashard Mendenhall-Not much difference between him and Stewart. Again probably won't be available, but if he is, we should get him (if Stewart has been drafted already).

3)Brandon Albert-Just watch his film (which I believe is posted on this site) and you will know why we need to draft him. He has that nasty streak and knows how to finish blocks. Reminds me of Fanaca, except he can also Play LT.

4)Chris Williams- He has proved himself against the best competition in college (SEC). Very solid career and should not have as tough of a transition adjusting to NFL speed.

5)Sam Baker-A very solid career at USC. Started since his freshman year.