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  1. Re: If Carson Palmer had the steelers running game

    well this isnt 2005 there defence got worse i do believe. :bungalssuck
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    Re: The straw that broke the back- Madden 09

    Beg to differ with ya,chief.The PS3 is phenomenal..........considering the fact that the 360 had a full year out of the gate over the PS3,I'd say that they are pretty evenly matched.Other than the...
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    Re: 100 days till kickoff!!

    the bus is next :D
  4. Re: hi and thankd for the post over my google groups

    thanks i sticking around here
  5. hi and thanks for the post over at my google group

    Hey i really want to thank t he person who just today post a blog from here on my Google group ... 5b81?hl=en

    your more than welcome to continue to do it...
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