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  1. Re: OT: At least the Steelers aren't the only team that wins

    People feel better when they can blame someone for their team losing. Blaming officials is weak. Every call should be perfect even though players and coaches make mistakes? Here is an idea, don't...
  2. Re: Steelers Free Agent Decisions: Ryan Clark

    Because the Rooney's do not have an unlimited budget. The Rooney's, like most ownership groups, have to also consider the fact that there won't be a full season in 2011. Which means there may not be...
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    Re: You make the call - draft day trade.

    I like McClain a lot. I think he is one of the 5 best players in the draft and a future star (like Willis in SF). I was looking forward to the Steelers being able to draft him when I thought the team...
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    Be more like the Ravens?

    I saw the post last week spouting envy about how the Ravens played. You saw today why you can't win a title with that 90's style offense. You have to pass successfully to win. You have to score...
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    Re: Thoughts on WR's...

    I like Bryant but the timeoff concerns me.

    I think Benn will be the steal of the draft among WR he is a first round talent who did not put up numbers because of Illinois sorry offense/QB. I would...
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    Re: 6 Step Recovery Plan

    There is no way the Steelers can afford to spend their first two picks on the OL. The Steelers have 4 guards on the roster under contract and they will go with those four again next year. This...
  7. Re: this ain't your fathers NFL--hell it ain't my NFL anymore

    It is a QB driven league. The Cards were last in the league in rush attempts per game. Yet here they are two minutes from moving on to the divisional round. I still believe that this year's Super...
  8. Re: Arians isn't the only target of criticism

    I am so glad the article points out the Steelers winning time of possession in most games. The offense was not the reason that the defense could not stop anyone. The Miami game was a perfect...
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    Re: taking notes?

    So you have already determined that the Colts and Saints have no chance to win the Super Bowl? Those are past first teams. Also, the Chargers now pass more effectively than run. I think when all is...
  10. Re: It makes me a little sick to my stomach...

    I don't think the OL is that good at all. Certainly not on par with the OL we are seeing in the playoffs. Look at the two teams that won today. Both the Cowboys and Jets have multiple first round...
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    Re: Loser Bungle fans.....

    They did have a successful season. You make a mistake when you assume it is your right to win a super bowl. The Colts have only won one Super Bowl with a hall of fame QB. Favre has only one Super...
  12. Re: Franchise and Transition Tag Amounts for next year

    Hampton has already said he will hold out if he gets franchised. I have seen several post saying just put the tag on Hampton. That will not get a motivated Hampton into camp. The Steelers either pay...
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    Re: Is Colbert to Blame?

    Yes Colbert gets some blame just like Tomlin gets some blame. The Steelers defense is old, with little depth on the bench (which is part of the reason the team struggled). Colbert most definitely...
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    Re: Post-Gazette: Arians stays

    I don't have a problem with it. Of couse if I were Zierlein, I would ask Tomlin to tell him how many teams are trying to win games with an OL filled with mid and lower round draft choices. Teams with...
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    Re: BA officially outta here!

    Excellent question, not enough is made of the fact that the Steeler defense was as old as any in the league. The idea that the offense contributed to the 4th quarter collapses is laughable when you...
  16. Re: If the problem was the defense- how do YOU fix it?

    I am not sure there is an easy answer to this question. The Steelers had one of the oldest defenses in the league. They also were missing their usual quality depth on defense. I am not sure you can...
  17. Re: This guy sounds like a fit for a Hampton replacement in 2010 Mount Fatty. He makes Hampton look in shape. I would rather see the Steelers draft Williams.
  18. Re: The Bungles won't be able to lay down enough to lose to Jets

    What evidence is there that Troy P will be healthy. I just as soon see him held out until next season. This is not a playoff team with all the injuries. The depth is not there this year.
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    Re: We need to draft a Cornerback

    I think safety is a much bigger need than corner. The Steelers need at least two safeties. Not sure Troy can be counted on to play a full season anymore. I don't know that any safety is worthy of...
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    Re: BA is not the problem and should return

    I go back and forth on this. I have come to accept the fact that the NFL is now a passing league. This year, the Super Bowl winner will probably be a pass first team. The league seems to be trending...
  21. Re: Tomlin shouldn't have lost faith in veterans

    Part of the reason the Steeler defense has taken a fall is because they are still dependent on guys like Farrior and Townsend. The Steelers used to have guys in the pipeline ready to step in for...
  22. Re: Raven's prediction that Ben is out

    No Troy and No Ben equal no chance. Plus Dixon didn't even get to work with the first team this week leading up to practice. This is a recipe for disaster.

    Ravens 27
    Steelers 10
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    Re: What's the Higher Ethic Here?

    I believe we won the Redskin game last year with Ben injured.
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    Re: Fox or Timmons?

    Timmons is a 4-3 LB playing inside in a 3-4 defense. It seems obvious that Timmons is more comfortable in space. He was great last year playing in the Nickel defense and blitzing. He is not as good...
  25. Re: I think we have a superstar on our hands

    Two fumbles lost or two fumbles total? It sure seems like he has fumbled more than twice in his career.
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