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  1. Thanks. Well, unfortunately, we can't get the...

    Thanks. Well, unfortunately, we can't get the house until Wednesday, so I'm staying with friends for a few days until then. Regardless, it'll be wrapped up soon and we'll be settled back in the...
  2. Well, the news keeps getting better! As it...

    Well, the news keeps getting better! As it turned out, the people that submitted the application before us for the house we wanted were moving a little too slow for the realtor. So, I get a call on...
  3. Good, as I'm the furthest thing from a Buckeye...

    Good, as I'm the furthest thing from a Buckeye fan that you can find! :D

    Anyway, thanks for the replies. Still looking for the right place to live, which is an adventure in itself, but we'll get...
  4. I'll need to change my screen name soon...

    ...because I'm moving back to the 'Burgh! For those that read my recent NHL thread, you saw that I was in town on July 11th for interviews. Well, long story short, based on events that happened that...
  5. It's on September 24th at 7 PM. More info is...

    It's on September 24th at 7 PM. More info is here:

    Tickets aren't on sale yet, apparently.
  6. Yeah, I've seen the Pens a few times at...

    Yeah, I've seen the Pens a few times at Nationwide Arena. I was fortunate enough to be at their first game here. I think it was the one and only time Mario ever played here, and was the last time I...
  7. I think the long drive between NE PA and Heinz...

    I think the long drive between NE PA and Heinz Field's getting to you as I haven't met you in person yet! :D

    Haven't been to Heinz Field for any games yet, but I did see Ben (finally) and company...
  8. As of yesterday, this is all that remains of the Civic Arena

    I visited the 'Burgh yesterday as a result of restarting my job search and attempting to relocate back there with my family (long story but it's back on). Anyway, in between interviews I had a...
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    Re: Can Palmer win a playoff game?

    Nope! :lol:
  10. Re: Who Are You Rooting For in the Playoffs?

    For me, if my team's out of the playoffs, I normally go for the team that has the most Michigan players on their roster. This year, there are three teams with three (Bungals, Cheats, and the Jets),...
  11. Re: stlrz d's Playoff Fantasy Football Challenge v3.0

    Something tells me I'll be at the bottom of the league again, but ah, who cares? I'm in as well.
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    Re: Timezones...damn timezones...

    Merry Christmas to all on here as well. Here's hoping for a "bonus" present on Sunday!
  13. Re: The team hates Ben and there is trouble in the locker room

    "Fuzzy headed mutant. Are you friendly?"

    "No way, eh!" :lol:

    Not worried about any locker room issues. This team will win on Sunday and get a ticket to play in January. After that, look...
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    Poll: Re: Which catch was better?

    I voted for Santonio, for now. As Flip said earlier, unless that catch ends up getting this team to the playoffs and beyond, it probably won't matter a whole lot. If it does, then I'll change my...
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    Re: 37 years ago today....

    I was about two years from entering this world, so no memory of it here. My dad did recall he and my mom watching the game and explaining to her how incredible that play was.
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    Re: Rank the Play

    Tough to rank those. I did want to add another "non-game winning" play from the Colts 2006 playoff game. Right before the missed FG at the end of the game, Manning launched a bomb to Marvin...
  17. Steelers radio station change in Columbus - games still on!

    In the ever changing world of radio (as a Comm. major and a former intern at DVE I should know), a little after 12 PM I turned on our local Steelers affiliate, 103.9 Talk FM, as it was the last...
  18. Re: Tomlin says he'd go onsides again

    You're kidding me, right? THAT many? Wow.
  19. Our new arrival...history repeating itself?

    I haven't had much of a chance to post this, but I do now, and it's pretty wild that history may repeat itself once again. For those that remember from the "old board", the day after a huge loss to...
  20. Re: The definitive "What We Need To Get Into The Playoffs"

    I don't think this one is right. If Houston wins, they go 8-7 with a chance to go 9-7 and 6-6 in the conference if they beat NE in the final week. If they lose, they can't do any better than 8-8...
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    Re: Online Steelers viewing?

    plenty of links there. using the brewcrew link and working good. What a BOMB to Wallace!!!!
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    Re: Go Indy

    Sports Fan Towel? Could you think of a more generic name if you tried?

    Seriously? So folks that in Indiana that are Pacer fans or IRL fans or whatever get to wave this "Sports Fan Towel" now? ...
  23. Denver Post: Whose stadium is this, anyway?

    Typical away game turnout and Woody Paige complains about it :lol:
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    Re: WOODLEY!!!

    Turned out to be the game winner. I keep getting prouder and prouder of the Michigan Man with every game. I love it!!!!
  25. Re: Vikings @ Steelers Prediction Thread

    Can't watch any of the game today (last week in current job so last shot at needed OT money) but should be on the chat. Old man Favre will wonder why he came back after today. Steelers win with a...
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