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  1. Re: Question about winning a division...can someone explain?

    The 2 floating games come from the teams in your conference who finished in the same position you did in you division that aren't in the division you play that year. eg. The Steelers finished 1st in...
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    Re: Road To XLIII DVD...June 2

    All of the games in this collection are the TV announcers. Also, no extras like the Road to XL.

    The "Greatest Games" package disc for SB XL also uses the TV announcers, not like the Road to XL.
  3. Re: Predicting some of the details of James Harrison's contract

    For your idea, does that officially start next year? And do "we" have to worry about the 30% comparing 2009 numbers to 2010 numbers?

    Overall, I like the idea. He gets a good chunk of change and...
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    Re: NFL Network right now...

    I've seen the Superbowl & America's Game sets on eBay has both box sets too. I've had good luck with them when I've ordered from them in the past.

    5 Super Bowls

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