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  1. Re: Could Fox take over at ILB fulltime if he plays lights out?

    they need to do what works, and use people to their strengths.
    they have a pretty good track record concerning that strategy and haven't been afraid to bring the lesser known into the limelight.
  2. Re: Redman goes from unwanted to remarkable

    we have seen time and time again, especially from the broncos, where some guy comes into camp straight from stocking groceries and puts up 1000 yards.

    shanahan wasn't afraid to take a chance on...
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    Re: "Choose Jesus Christ Over the World"

    So woodson wants to retire as a rat?
    he's also thumping the bible?

    There must have been some better programming on.

    I agree with Flippy on all points.
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    Re: Where's Mundy?

    Bouchette said too early to comment on mundy or donovan woods in camp. tough to determine if thats from lack of spectacular plays, or deep depth keeps them in a limited role with the first team.
  5. Re: Asterisks improve pass rush by trading for Raiders' Burgess

    Sirius NFL Radio's Two Minute Drill noted that terms were still officially undisclosed, but they said that sources were saying a 3rd and 4th in 2011, which is even better than the 3rd and 5th that...
  6. Re: Steelers receiver finding his Sweed spot early in camp

    in reference to sweed being soft, the article and his own admission is one way to account for it. He was a wide-eyed, gangly youngster. It's not about him being soft, as his hit on Ivy in the...
  7. Re: The Tank takes a big hit at Steelers camp

    how about repeated poundings that william gay is dishing out as a corner?
    good god, it sounds like he hits like clark.

    this defense could even be BETTER than last season.
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    Re: NFL live, Vick to stillers?

    Chris Carter, Stink Schlereth, and the rest of NFL live on ESPN.
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    Re: Miller locked up until 2014

    I knew it.
    This is awesome news.
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    Re: NFL live, Vick to stillers?

    I know where you are coming from, but when proving points... exaggerations happen. I do it too. last time vick played the stillers... he had 4 passing TD's and a 60% completion percentage.
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    Re: Jim Johnson, Eagles DC passes

    here here phillyesq... the locals will be mourning johnson for a while i believe. bittersweet year for the diehards here, first Harry K and now this.

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    Re: NFL live, Vick to stillers?

    and no offense birtikidis, but dixon hasn't taken a meaningful snap in this league yet. If you were to put him and vick on the table, and force me to choose the backup for ben...

    It's vick all...
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    Re: NFL live, Vick to stillers?

    Wanna take some focus off of Ben and his lawsuit?[/quote]

    I want a fit, focused, heated, healthy batch of campers this summer.
    the rest is up to the coaches...

    I think this team has the...
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    Re: NFL live, Vick to stillers?

    I'm def. not rooting for having vick here, but I won't deny, it has an interesting ring to it.

    personally, I think it would be a potential distraction. but, he's not a complete media turd like...
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    NFL live, Vick to stillers?

    I don't think so, but Schlereth and gang were saying he could or should go to an established team, with a strong F/O and entrenched QB as the starter and be that change of pace player to compliment. ...
  16. Re: Big roadblock still in Ravens' AFC North path: The Steelers

    O, I don't see this team losing 5 games.
    I think we are going to come into camp hungry, proud, and agressive.
    with so many starters returning, all draft picks signed, we are going to blister some...

    I've never seen so many "LOL's" and exclamation points on a football board.

    I'll just have to wait until all this supposed proof in pictures is uploaded before I print out this girls first post on...
  18. Re: Speed keeps Steelers' Taylor in the game

    Ike's work ethic and dedication to this team routinely trump my usually harsh criticisms of his ball skills.

    I'm with Flippy... if the dude catches the ball, he's a bona-fide STUD. Deion couldn't...
  19. Re: Legal experts: Big Ben may pay even if innocent

    she shouldn't get a dime.
    his statement was pretty damn strong, and his defense seems poised to rival the 2008 lebeau-led stillers.

    It would be great to see all sides of the defense bristle up,...
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    Re: Then vs. Now

    1) Ben. last season it was bradshaw in a landslide... but now, ben has truly stepped into elite status with fewer real weapons and stout linemen as his disposal. maybe the true arsenal and brick...
  21. Re: Is Hines heading down Steve-McNair-road?

    I tend to share your sentiment on this Chavezz, but when "hero, legend, amazing husband and father" are being thrown around at Mcnair's funeral when he was banging at least one 20 year old on the...
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    Re: Check Out This Trash....

    that was terrible.

    three more consecutive losses to us officially makes this team irrelevant.
  23. Re: Heath Miller -- cap casualty or CBA casualty?

    the notion that the two sides can't come together under a new CBA, and all signs point to utter disaster for the NFL a few years down the road, is absolute insanity to me.

    friggin jerks.
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    Re: Good Laugh

    that just became the first video posted on our CBS sportsline fantasy homepage.
    well done sir.

  25. Re: Hate seeing this type of article...Heath Miller

    I happen to think his impact is fairly significant on this offense. His durability and reliability on the field are almost legendary (in my own mind at least). The guy catches just about anything...
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