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  1. Re: Are we ever going to get any legit credit?

    People who are discrediting our victory need to stop making excusses (refs, missed penilties, and reviews not done), and just realize thatthe cards killed themselves with penilities. Quit complaining...
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    Re: 30 minutes well spent

    My god, they cant just accept the fact that they stink. They will always try to make excusses that discredit our wins. Oh well, they can keep hating while we keep winning championships. :Cheers ...
  3. Re: Hines>Tonio ... Passing of the Torch?

    I hope that 86 doesnt pass the torch so soon. #10 & #86 are a great combination and hines does not appear old (nfl standards) at all. Season after season he makes great catches and powerful hits. I...
  4. Re: Is #43 the player of destiny today?

    I hope he has a huge game but as long as we win, I dont care who has the best game for our team.
  5. Re: A recurring dream I had this week...

    D, your dream is more like a nightmare. As far as predictions go, steve young also picked the pats to win last year. Maybe its a good sign that he is picking the cards.
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    Re: In less than 24 hours...

    More like we will be partying like it was 1-5-05 (SB XL). The only difference is that I was also celebrating my B-day as well. What a B-day gift it was. :Cheers
  7. Re: 3 years later, Seahawk fans are still crying....

    They can blame the refs but great teams overcome bad calls and play like champions. In 2005 we had some bad calls agianst us when we played Indy and still played to win. If they stopped willies 75...
  8. Re: The final score of SB XLIII should....

    I would love to see the steelers have a high scoring game but, I believe in reality that the score will be 27-13 steelers.
  9. Re: Steeler Fan { How Long & When did you know?}

    Born and raised in Northern PA (1979) with a family who didnt watch sports. Seen a steelers game and was impressed with the physical power in which they played. At the age of seven I was transformed...
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    Re: S'tonio says he "sold drugs"

    The media should be focused on what trouble other current players are getting in trouble for and not focusing on his past in a negative way. Maybe if reports would focus on how he positively changed...
  11. Re: The final score of SB XLIII should....

    Agree. Steelers D alone hopefully will score 12 points alone. GO STEELERS!!!!!! :tt1 :tt1
  12. Re: Tomlin named Motorola Coach of the Year!

    How deserving. Congrats to Tomlin. Bring home the trophy and there will be no doubt why he won Coach of the Year.
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    Re: Are You Guys Feeling the Hate?

    I live in northern New York and all I get is hate. People her love the Bills, Giants, and the Jets. Every season all I hear is that it will be thier season, and that the steelers are a dirty team. My...
  14. Re: Steelers' Clark hopes to show off his hitting in Super Bowl

    Clarks comments should not tell the cardinals what they should already know. Everyone knows that when you play the steelers, you are going to get a very physical, hard hitting game. Nothing has...
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    Re: It's really this simple....

    We did not play as if it was a play off game. This late in the season you should play as if every game is an ellimination game. Maybe today will be a wake up call. Our wole team sucked today. O-LINE,...
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    Re: Bad Day for Ben

    Ben is not elite I agree but Iwould not call him an idiot. Yes he was careless with the ball today but I think he will be more careful from here on out. He just had a bad day. It is not just his...
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    Re: The Ground Game

    bottom line is that arians needs to go, we need to run the football ( especially on third and fourth ) for short yards, lastly we need some bigger running backs. Iam sick of seeing Parker get the...
  18. Re: Who do you hope doesn't make the AFC Play Offs???

    Indy is not all that good. They had a close game agianst Detroit. the only team that I dont want to face is the ravens. I know that we could beat them agian but when ever we play them, I always fear...
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    Re: Thoughts on game

    I agree that Ben needs to protect the football, but the thing that irritates me the most is the lack of our running game. Ben has always been sucessful b/c we had a good running game. Every body...
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    Re: Could Big D?

    dallas looks descent right now. hopefully they do this well agianst the ratbirds. we softened up for them tonight.
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    Re: bad word LEBEAU

    he also has over 60 interceptions in his career.
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    Re: Big Ben Elway-esque

    this guy is a beast and puts nothing but heart in every play. he is worth every penny he is paid and later will probably be seen as better tha elway. ben is clutch and has been since his rookie year....
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    Re: bad word LEBEAU

    I stand corrected. Well at least he has a home with us.
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    This guy is a defensive genius. He will definitly be in the hall of fame someday. He has created the most dominating defense i have seen in a long time, if ever. Whenever he leaves the steelers, it...
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    Re: Wow! Just Effing Wow!!

    I love this team. We may get ugly wins but a win is a win. This might just be the best defense that I have ever seen. I wont believe that any game is over until I see the clock expired. WOW WHAT A...
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