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    Re: Would you trade Limas Sweed for...

    at this point, I would trade Sweed for the elipses in your thread title.
  2. Former Steelers Olsavsky and Holmes candidates for assistant

    Loved me some Jerry O growing up, and was pretty disappointed when he lost his starting job.

    Former Steelers Olsavsky and Holmes candidates...
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    Re: OT: Jets fan gets arrested for

    Yea, there was definately a cut . . . but even Chargers fans, or at least one guy ho ends up getting escourted out as well, kept saying, he didn't do anything. Look, if the SD fans took the guy...
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    Re: Steelers must re-sign Reed

    So this really comes down to what is most important. Reed has two things going against him (three actually if you count the fact he can't tackle), and one thing going for him.

    Cons: short...
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    OT: Jets fan gets arrested for

    . . . cheering on his team. This is BS. True enough, the guy was instigating the other fans, but an arrestable offense?

    [youtube:cl7j88ra]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
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    Re: Chan Gailey is new Bills Coach

    Nobody else wanted it, from many reports.
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    Re: The Jets D

    The thing is, you don't even have to get to Manning . . . to get to Manning. He won't take a hit. Any time he gets pressure, he doesn't even try to get rid of it or get out of the tackle, he curls up...
  8. Re: Listening to Dallas Cowboys radio after the game ...

    To some, you are only as good as your last game played. So, if you lose, then you suck and should be fired. :roll:
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    Re: PFW Ranks the Off. Coordinators

    if our QB is the best in the league at being outside the pocket and making things happen, why are there no bootlegs or the like in our packages?[/quote]

    Ben is the best when he breaks the pocket.....
  10. Re: Cowher waiting on Giants job, per Bus

    I don't know why anyone in Cowher's current position would want to put himself in New York. I totally get that the payoffs (both financially and career-wise) are potentially great, but so is the...
  11. Re: OT - Pat's mascot arrested for prostitution?

    I guess mascots need side jobs. Remember when the guy playing the Pirate Parrot was part of the baseball drug trials in the 1980's?[/quote]

    I was at the game where he was reinstated. He jumped...
  12. Re: NFL response to non-facemask penalty call last night

    Certainly not going to lose any sleep over this . . . but the outrage over this call was that it ended the game. The facemask should have been called and given the cardinals the ball 15 yards from...
  13. Re: NFL response to non-facemask penalty call last night

    At the very worst for GB, arizona gets the ball, but a 15 yard penalty from the spot of the recovery. At least Green Bay has a chance to do something about it, albeit an unlikely chance, btu a chance...
  14. Re: Anybody still want to see Reed hit the road?

    One would think that the off-the-field problems would be easily remedied. That doesn't seem to be the case with Skippy. That being said, just ask half of the teams in the league how important it is...
  15. Re: Jeopardy: Dan Kreider sealing the edge for a 42 yard run

    The only thing cool to watch with the Ravens is watching them lose.

    Next week... I hate the Pats more than all 3 AFC North teams combined. I'm so happy they got an AFCN beatdown...
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    Re: April/Smith Rumors

    Bingo . . . sounds like it is the "anything that sticks to the wall" approach. FWIW, I wouldn't mind seeing April back in Pittsburgh.
  17. Re: OT: World's Shortest Football Books

    "The consumate pro: My experiences with profesionalism on and off the field" - Jeff Reed
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    Re: Jets picked to win SB

    It would be kinda funny if a team, who backed into the playoffs with wins over two teams who had little to nothing to play for, would win it all.
  19. Re: 2009 - From what I saw - (Very Long)

    Totally get that, but isn't that why Dixon should have been seeing some time on the field at some point during the season? Every time Vick comes in, with as often as he does, the defense is certainly...
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    Re: Steelernation has spoken

    Agreed, but I laughed at the poll, so I thought I would post it. :)
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    Steelernation has spoken

    From a poll on the PG about who on the Steelers staff should be fired. You might be suprised on who is in the lead, and it is pretty stupid (unless you are LVG or True fan, of course).

    Should the...
  22. Re: Mike Wallace gets 1 Offensive RoY award vote

    He gives up a sack and a couple of QB pressures to Jared Allen and the critics respond with "He had a great game".

    He did have a good rookie season and better than I think most expected but he's...
  23. Re: Steelers had 'change of heart' on Arians

  24. Re: Mike Wallace gets 1 Offensive RoY award vote

    I don't necessarily disagree with Harvin winning it all. But for Wallace and Moreno to only get a vote a piece is idiotic, and it appears that Oher only got the votes he did because of the movie.
  25. Re: 2009 - From what I saw - (Very Long)

    I guess I still feel far more comfortable with Batch back there than Dixon. Just because we kept the game close doesn't mean that Dixon looked effective. The offense was pretty dumbed down for him....
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