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    Re: Be more like the Ravens?

    We lost one football game in Cleveland becausewe couldn't run the ball. We lost games all season long, any ONE of which turning into a victory puts us in the postseason because we couldn't stop teams...
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    Re: It Started in 2007

    L.B. - has enforcement changed, though? I remember that obscene gropefest that passed as a football game when the Cheats beat the Colts in the '03 playoffs as kind of a turning point in that...
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    Re: It Started in 2007

    The Steelers are changing their offensive approach to take advantage of the franchise QB and two Super Bowl MVP WR's on the current roster. All over the league, teams are throwing because they CAN......
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    Re: Toddjammin end of season Mock Draft

    I know it's rank homerism, but... just curious... anybody see my boy Patrick Robinson play in the Gator Bowl against WVU? In the same series, the broadcasters were talking about Noel Devine's...
  5. Re: Steelers struggling to begin offseason

    I hope they're miserable enough that they'll remember the feeling and show up and play hard ALL the time next year. They mailed it in one too many times to deserve to play in January this year.
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    Re: 2010 Opponents announced

    Being in the panhandle of Florida, this is an absolute DREAM schedule! MULTIPLE road trippage coming!!!! :tt2 :tt2 :tt2
  7. Re: Linebacker Joey Porterís days could be numbered

    This was the J Peezy MO in the 'Burgh, too... short flashes of absolutely brilliant play, with long stretches of mediocrity in between, often punctuated with outright damaging verbal fireworks and...
  8. Re: Steelers add cornerback to roster; Keenan Lewis to IR

    Some draft analyses I read said that Lewis would be a poor fit for our system, because he wasn't asked to do a lot of the things he would need to do here in college. I have to believe they look at...
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    Re: Harrison, Hampton make Pro Bowl

    Tight end in the AFC is tough in terms of Pro Bowl recognition. Dallas Clark is in his first... he waited a decade to get in because of Gates and Tony Gonzalez, who incidentally is NOT on the NFC...
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    Re: Heath DOESN'T make pro bowl

    Different teams do different things with the position. Kind of like when Mike Alstott and Tony Richardson kept going to the Pro Bowl at fullback. Could either of those guys block? Not a chance... but...
  11. Re: Tomlin shouldn't have lost faith in veterans

    Bullspit. This is an offense first team now. Ben is it's leader, and you strategize to place the burden of winning there. The onsides last week was a great example. This week, if he had faith in the...
  12. Re: "Hope you enjoy that AFC North Title!"

    Based on a tie breaker formula (strength of wins, I think), the seedings have shifted. The *******s are the 3 now, the Bungles the 4. If we make it, we'll likely be the 6, so the only way we'd run...
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    Re: Hampton making best of chances

    Only way he stays is if they franchise him, but that'll p*ss him off and he'll be a disruptive force. We're in a bad situation with him, though, because if we do pay him, he gets fat, happy, and...
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    Re: Receiving corp ailing

    Adrenaline can account for a lot... and it has to this time of year.
  15. Re: The Official SuperBowl or Bust 2009 - 2010 Edition

    We do have to win our games ... you know, with our Swiss Cheese D and all. :moon[/quote]

    Duuuuude... don't harsh my mellow... we've got an ATMOSPHERE goin' on in here!
  16. Re: Should Townsend start in place of Gay?

    Have there been ANY Anthony Smith sightings in Green Bay? If he isn't on the field there, why would he be here? Deshea has been our safety blanket in the secondary for years... it seems like we've...
  17. Re: What kind of D performance will we have this week?

    Would ANYBODY have circled this one on the calendar in August and called for a shootout? I say take the over... 38 - 34 Steelers. In answer, the D is going to look like it has every other week......
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    Re: Steelers to Sign WR Galloway

    Logan has been a significant improvement in our return game, in that he actually catches the ball when it's kicked. Joey could represent a possibility of some further improvement, actual field...
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    Re: polamalu has to play next week

    Miami's pass O isn't anything to write home about, either. A rested, 100% ready Troy in a playoff run against Cincy, Indy, and San Diego is far preferable to me to having him back to face pedestrian...
  20. Re: The Official SuperBowl or Bust 2009 - 2010 Edition

    :tt1 :tt1 :tt1 Let's get this train rolling again... we've been the first to 3 rings, first to 4, first to win as a #6 seed, first to 6... now we're going to be the first 9 - 7 team to win the big...
  21. Re: Steelers' playoff hopes hinge on A over B or 2 over 3 or 1A-

    As crazy as it sounds, everything broke so well for us this weekend that I believe our odds of going to the playoffs are pretty good if we win out. We don't need anything to happen that will require...
  22. Re: Some very telling stats about our team's struggles:

    Anybody pay any attention to the third phase of the game here? Two missed 4th quarter FG's = defeat in Chicago. KO return TD's early vs. Cincy here and at KC = margins of defeat in both games. Even...
  23. Re: Get those # 80 jerseys back out of the closet...

    Guess I should caveat this with "if some time in the pentitentiary brings a newfound humility" which is, frankly, something I expect. If he comes out the same old gun toting, pot smoking Plax, I...
  24. Re: Get those # 80 jerseys back out of the closet...

    Name the amount...I'll put it up against Burress not coming back to Pittsburgh as a member of the Steelers.[/quote]

    Just a general "didn't like the guy when he was here, don't want him back"...
  25. Re: Get those # 80 jerseys back out of the closet...

    Shaun McDonald, Cedric Wilson, Terrance Mathis... Colbert has a history of bringing in bargain priced veteran free agents in at WR to augment the group. How much longer does Hines stick around? If...
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