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    We're done, I expect this year's record to be:


    Another great call, numbnuts. You pick lottery numbers too? LOL
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    Of course, you conveniently neglected to mention how Bradshaw also stated during the same segment how the Packers should show Aaron Rodgers the door before "Porky" McCarthy because McCarthy's a "great" coach, which kinda shoots the hell out of Bradshaw's credibility in regards to Tomlin, no? And you obviously didn't read the whole article as the writer actually wound up DEFENDING Tomlin.

    Dude, you and rest of the RacistYinzerFukktard crew need to give it a rest already.
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    It's "Rutigliano," dumbass. And Glanville didn't become HC of the Oilers and start coaching against Noll until the mid-80s. Gawd, you're a fukking moron. LOL
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    "Googly?" You're fukking retarded, you know that? LOL
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    "This will be a real test for us. The Giants are on a roll and are hot. We'll see what Tomlin brings to the table, I'm not expecting much."

    I get a kick out of reading the drivel at RacistYinzerFukktard Addicts after the Steelers lose (because that's the ONLY time anyone bothers to post there). Seriously, why not just rename that place the "Tomlin Haterz Klub?" You fools are pathetic. LOL
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    Chiefs - 34

    Steelers - 17

    Another spot-on take as usual, LOL. Why don't you just STFU and stop embarrassing yourself already? You have zero insight and you don't know ****.
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    Yo, clown shoe! How're things over on RacistYinzerFukktard Addicts? LOL
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