View Full Version : What would you do?

04-24-2019, 06:36 PM
I was doing a mock draft on "first pick" https://first-pick.com/NFL/DraftGame.aspx and Hockenson fell to me at 20, and was offered a crazy trade by NE. Their 1.32 their 2.73 and their 3.93

I did the trade and got:

1.32) Murphy CB
2.52) Savage FS
2.73) JJ Whiteside WR
3.66) Pratt ILB
3.83) Boykin WR
3.97) Moreau TE

I stopped the mock I got too hyped up if it was true, I was like a fat kid in a candy store!
Hyped by either getting Hockenson or getting those addition 2nd and 3rd picks.
I keep doing this mock and Hockenson keeps falling and for you Bush fans he keeps going between 15-17.