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04-23-2019, 08:24 AM
3 days away, Can't wait!

So like most, Have been looking everything draft wise last couple weeks...What I have noticed is, even though they're some players mentioned more than others going to the Steelers, I have NEVER seen so many different names mocked...

I have seen ( and might even have missed a few ) from different sites and pundits the following...



Chauncey Gardener
Lonnie Johnson

Irv Smith





Dionte Thompson

And even a few more! Now, imo...I believe there is quite a few we can rule out at 20...

But gets me thinking , Even though we have a bunch of picks...I think we would be better served to move BACK 5-10 spots...Still get a very good player of need, Then move back UP...Instead of having 4 of the first 83 picks, Have something like 5 out of the top 95 or 100...

We could quite possibly get THREE of the aforementioned players with our 1st three picks, and still get a few more...Since we'll still be picking high...

The 2-4 round guys, Have so many bunched together, I think we could fill many needs...


04-23-2019, 08:48 AM
Obviously the lower you pick, you have more options than opposed to say the no.5 pick...But C'mon...

Last year I remember Vander Esch ( probably the most ) along with Rashaan Evans...Leonard, Jesse Bates...Maybe D.J.Moore on a few...

I understand a lot of these guys are clowns, and I would trust most on this board to make our pick at 20, instead of them...

We picked at 28 last year and there wasn't near this many predications...Should be interesting!

Oh wow
04-23-2019, 09:50 AM
This year seems like it will be all over the place. I haven’t even tried to do a mock this year because I have been busy but I think we go LB in the first round.

Keep hearing about talented edge rushers and DL’s dropping but not sure that’s really a need unless we are converting a DE to an OLB.

I really hope we don’t go TE. Hell, who am I fooling, I know we aren’t going TE that’s just the yearly PS wish for some odd reason.

Deep RB class and may be able to find a gem in a later round but do we need a RB? I think we can find a cheap vet who is battle tested but I wouldn’t be mad at a late round gem.

I know we will take a WR too. Not sure when and more than likely it will be a name we aren’t familiar with but he will be a nice pick up.

Steel Maniac
04-23-2019, 10:01 AM
Our track history suggest that we don't do well with drafting secondary players. With that said, I desperately want to fix/upgrade our linebacker corps. If we don't have adequate talent in the back end, then I want the front 7 to be as dominant ( ability to apply great pressure and cover) as possible to help the back end. At least then we know the defense did actually improve from the previous year. Meaning I want to take at least two linebackers in the draft ; I'm hoping two out of the top 4 picks will be linebackers.