View Full Version : mock 3 (sly mock)

03-29-2019, 08:49 AM
I am going to make my weekly mock, with certain themes. The first one based on FA, the second was based on trading back ( all my fav targets are off the board) and gain more picks in the second. This one is going to be based on Colbert and Tomlin, playing it sly, and not attending together the college Pro days. It is unknown who went to the pro days of Iowa, S. Carolina, Temple, and Arizona.

I like the idea we are going to be active trading up and moving players.

1.20) Hockenson TE (Iowa)- jump on the hype, he is Heath II, since JJ left we need depth at TE, he and McDonald will combine for a deadly duo in a double TE set. He will instantly help out the running game, and provide a much better receiving option than James, who played over 50% last year even when Mcdonald healthy.

2.35) Samuel WR (S Carolina)-*trade 52, 4th, & Rogers to Oakland. Rogers is a good player, but redundant in what we have with Switzer and we will have JuJu at the slot. Complete WR... add more firepower with the 2 TEs, Juju, Moncrief, Washington, and Switzer. ( I really didn't want to draft WR this high)

2.37) Rock Ya-Sin CB (Temple)- We are going to have to trade up to take him. *We trade our 3.66 & 3.83. & Burns to the Giants! We are going to need CB to cover OBJ & Landry.

3.93 (see below) trade up for Hooker ( Iowa) - As previously mentioned we are going to need refocus our D to match up with penciled in favorites in the AFCN "the Clowns" another player to ball hawk to upgrade our safety play. He can play all positions in the backfield. ( nickel, dime, free, and strong safety. Trade Feiler + future Bell comp pick (3rd or our 3rd) + 5th for Darron Lee +3.93 I believe we have a log jam at RT tackle ( project starter Oku( sp), Banner, Hawkins) I know I am going to get hammered for this. It might be too much, but makes us sure winners in a proven ILB sweepstakes.

6.175 Mack DL Texas
6. 192/ 6.207/7.219 trade up for Moreau going to need a back up TE