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04-26-2018, 07:57 PM
Ok, this is what I think will happen (at least until the draft starts, anyway :D)

All 1st round ILB's are gone (Smith, Evans, LVE) so:

1 J. Reid-S We pick the prototypical today's NFL safety. He can play either S spot, and also moonlight as a Nickel-LB.

2 F. Warner-ILB While his all-around game doesn't rival the other ILB's, his coverage skills are as good as any. Will split with Bostic--Warner will take the passing downs. Maybe a little early, but he'll be gone between 65-85 for sure.

3 D. Armstrong-OLB Strong pass-rusher on a horrible team. He was doubled all year long as he was the only D-guy on Kansas that was any good. Kept playing hard, even while they got thumped week-in, week-out.

5 J. Watson-WR Great production, nice hands, nice speed. If Eli Rogers doesn't come back quickly from his injury, Watson will be a lock for the #4 WR.

5 J. Jackson-RB Deceptive runner who can do the inside work, too. A nice piece to have in the group.

7 J. Frasier-NT Hard to move run plugger. A no-stat, take on two blockers guy that keeps his LBs clean.

7 I. Boettger-OL Multi-position OT and OG from Iowa, where they teach them well. Injuries made him slide. Could become that quality backup at multiple positions, like Hubbard.

This will definitely happen. Or not. :tt2

04-26-2018, 10:39 PM
that is an excellent mock draft