View Full Version : Jags taking shots at Ben

10-09-2017, 11:30 AM
Saying he looked old, tired and flustered.

10-09-2017, 11:33 AM
https://amp.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000859069/article/jaguars-players-roethlisberger-looked-tired-older?networkId=4595&site=.news&zone=story&zoneUrl=url%3dstory&zoneKeys=s1%3dstory&env=&pageKeyValues=prtnr%3daround-the-league%3bteam%3djax%3bteam%3dpit%3bconf%3dafc%3bdv sn%3dacs%3bdvsn%3dacn%3bplyr%3dbenjamin_roethlisbe rger%3bplyr%3dbarry_church%3bplyr%3dmalik_jackson&p.ct=Around+the+NFL&p.adsm=false&p.tcm=%23fff&p.bgc1m=%230964bf&p.bgc2m=%23053a74&sr=amp

10-09-2017, 11:33 AM
Saying he looked old, tired and flustered.

If you have games like that, then comments like that come with the territory.

Those are actually quite kind compared to what the talking heads will be saying all week.

10-09-2017, 11:35 AM
Saying he looked old, tired and flustered. Well - He Does!!! :(

10-09-2017, 09:04 PM
I don't know and don't really care what those players said about him (all was true probably), but Ben should be taking ALL of this in right now and come out like a real athlete. I mean, I'm not even him but I'm getting mad. If I were him, I think I'd be raring to go play next week. (And I'm talking as a beaten-down, broken bodied, middle aged guy too.)

Ben has it all in front of him to turn things around. First of all, he's got GREAT talent all around him. He has a big stage next week (vs. Chiefs, a team he roasted not 10 months ago). Also, Haley is facing the team that fired him. The same roster is back, with Martavis and Juju in the mix to boot. Nothing is stopping him from going out and shutting all the fvckn haters up... that is a situation athletes live for!