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02-03-2015, 11:34 AM
That's a shame.


02-03-2015, 02:41 PM
Ehh...no big deal IMO. Steelers have a real nice trio of WR's with AB, Wheaton & Bryant. I'm sure they can grab a veteran WR in the offseason and will add another one or two guys in the draft. Throw in LeVeon out of the backfield and I think they're in good shape in the receiver department.

02-03-2015, 02:55 PM
A guy who doesn't play. He would be at best the #4. Wish he wasn't gone, but not a difference maker.

02-03-2015, 04:05 PM
No loss at all. Deactivated most of the year. Not effective early when he dressed. Would much rather have had Josh Mauro or Nick Williams on the roster than this insignificant player. Could have used the d-line depth.

7 UP
02-03-2015, 05:17 PM
This is a shame. Lance Moore will not be back. Now that JB is gone we are left with 3 WRs on the roster. JB showed enough potential to be the WR #4. I wonder if the Steelers have plans on making Dri Archer a fulltime WR. Thats where I believe he fits in best.

02-03-2015, 05:34 PM
It would have been nice if it worked out, but it's most likely no greater loss than losing a PS guy like Mauro or Nick Williams...

02-03-2015, 08:03 PM
So we'll have AB, Wheaton, Bryant and DHB still in the fold. I'm sure that we can get one or two complimentary players to add quality depth.

02-03-2015, 08:31 PM
This is a shame. Lance Moore will not be back. Now that JB is gone we are left with 3 WRs on the roster. JB showed enough potential to be the WR #4. I wonder if the Steelers have plans on making Dri Archer a fulltime WR. Thats where I believe he fits in best.

I don't believe we'll see archer go full time WR but I do think we'll see him line up quite a bit as a WR. I also don't view Brown leaving as loss worth talking about. He's not going to beat out the top 3 and he barely saw the field this year.

7 UP
02-03-2015, 08:48 PM
Does anyone know DHBs contract status? Is he under contract for 15?

02-03-2015, 10:41 PM
Does anyone know DHBs contract status? Is he under contract for 15?

NFL from the sidelines

Tuesday, February 03, 2015
by Dale Lolley

Here's a look at where the Steelers stand in free agency and some odds on who will be back and who will not.


Jason Worilds: For all of the complaints about Worilds' play, he matched Cameron Heyward for the team lead in sacks with 7.5. And Worilds had one taken away from him in Atlanta that shouldn't have been - as the NFL basically agreed when it did not fine him for his hit on Matt Ryan. The big question for the Steelers is do they give Worilds a second contract or attempt to tag him again as they did in 2014? He cost them $9.5 million last season playing under the transition tag, which is too much money. The Steelers likely can't afford that. But they also can't afford to lose one of their proven pass rushers. Perhaps a five-year deal worth $30 million that includes a $12-$15 million signing bonus would get it done. Worilds is still just 26 - he turns 27 in March - and his best football is still in front of him. But he might want to test the free agent waters. Chances of re-signing 50-50

James Harrison: Harrison was one of the better stories for the Steelers this season, recording 5.5 sacks after signing following the team's third game. But he'll turn 37 in May. Harrison is a workout fanatic and after initially saying there was no way he'd return, I think he'd like to come back. But 37-year-old players have a tendency to break down and the Steelers didn't want Harrison to be a full-time player last season - even though he certainly was at times. Harrison would serve as a fallback option if Worilds doesn't re-sign, but it would also force the team to once again draft an edge rusher high - either in the first or second round and hope he can catch on sooner than Jarvis Jones has. I don't think he's back if Worilds re-signs, however, since the pull of Keisel, Polamalu and Taylor, along with Dick LeBeau, won't be there any longer. Chances of re-signing 30-70

Arthur Moats: An all-around nice guy and a good locker room presence, Moats filled in admirably at times last season at outside linebacker. But he's more of a depth guy and special teams player. The Steelers want him back. Chances of re-signing 80-20

Brice McCain: A revelation at cornerback last season. McCain was better than advertised. But he still has his limitations. Ideally, he's a third or fourth corner. But the Steelers were so thin at the position last year he was forced to start. Chances of re-signing 80-20

Ike Taylor: Ike, it's been fun. But it's over. The talk of moving to safety is silly. The Steelers want guys in their secondary moving forward that can force turnovers. Taylor has never been that guy. Chances of re-signing 0-100

Will Allen: All he does is what's asked of him. The Steelers liked Allen's ability to be in the right spot so much that they kept on playing him over Shamarko Thomas when Troy Polamalu was out. But Allen is getting up in age. Chances of re-signing 60-40

Darrius Heyward-Bey: Yes, he didn't offer much in the passing game. But he wasn't asked to do much there. What he was asked to do was be a core special teams player. And Heyward-Bey did that quite well. He fits in well in the locker room as well. Chances of re-signing 75-25

Matt Spaeth: Spaeth has turned into one of the best blocking tight ends in the league, which is what the Steelers drafted him for in the first place. But he's also 31, so age could be a factor. Spaeth doesn't give much in the passing game, but like DHB, he wasn't asked to do much there, either. Chances of resigning 75-25

Ben Tate: Tate basically got a one-game tryout in the playoffs and was OK, though he did fumble. He was cut twice last season, so his price tag shouldn't be too great. But does he envision himself as a starter? Or would he buy getting Le'Veon Bell's scraps? It's possible, but he didn't like not being the guy in Cleveland. A younger player who can also play special teams might be a better choice to back up Bell. Chances of re-signing 30-70

Michael Palmer: Palmer's one of those guys who you look to cut every year in training camp and then you look up seven or eight years later and he's still on the team. He's a decent special teams player and OK as a receiver. But a younger TE might push him off the roster. Should be an easy re-signing, however, to a cheap one or two-year deal. Chances of re-signing 70-30

Greg Warren: The Steelers really, really, like Warren as their long snapper. They feel he's one of the best in the business. I don't study the position to know whether that's true or not, but they seldom have snapping issues. Chances of re-signing 100-0

Restricted Free Agents

The restricted free agents are Antwon Blake, Will Johnson and Robert Golden. All three are valuable members of the team and will likely be tendered offers.


02-04-2015, 03:08 AM
wasnt he already "gone"?

they cut him during the season and he wasnt on the practice squad. if anything, good for him that he was picked up by someone

02-04-2015, 06:55 AM
He may have been added to the PS if he cleared waivers.

02-04-2015, 09:50 AM
I blame Tomlin

02-04-2015, 12:18 PM
I blame LeBeau

Iron City Inc.
02-04-2015, 01:33 PM
DHB as our 4 and as a solid special team player would be someone to resign. A veteran who fit in well and shouldn't command much of a price.