View Full Version : Aldon Smith

09-24-2013, 11:27 AM
So, he is drunk and crashes his car. He is found to have weed with him. On top of that, this is his second DWI and he was stabbed at his own party last year. There is more and more surrounding this guy. It is so bad that they decide that he should go into rehab...but for some reason he has to play Sunday first. He plays, they lose, and then he has to go to rehab...is it just me or does that just seem off?

I am also astounded by the lack of comment from the commish. As I have always said, Rog punishes noise. The louder the uproar, the harsher he comes down. Mild uproar, I say look for a 2 game suspension for Smith. Of course, it will be served while he is in rehab so there will be no actual games lost. Almost like giving a MLB pitcher a four game suspension right after his last start. He doesn't miss anything but let the record show that he was punished!!

For those who like to go back to the Ben suspension...

Ben - never actually charged = 4 games, no contact with team allowed during suspension.

Smith - charged twice for DWI, numerous other times getting his name in the news, so far nothing but I guarantee it will be less than Ben received. Also, I'm sure that he will be allowed contact with the team so that they can support this poor soul as they help him through this crisis.