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SteelBlitz 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft Version 7.0

Updated 3-31-2013

2013 Steelers Mock Draft:

Round 1.) Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

Jarvis Jones started his NFL career with USC, but he suffered a neck injury and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. USC wouldn’t clear him to return to football so he transfered to Georgia and was cleared to play. He played two seasons with the Georgia Bulldogs and totaled 44 tackles for loss, 28 sacks, and nine forced fumbles. Jones is not a workout warrior and chose not to participate at the combine, but will workout at the Georgia pro-day. His neck is rumored to be scaring off some NFL teams, but he has been cleared by multiple doctors and claims to be ready to go. Early mock drafts had Jones as a top five pick so if he falls to seventeen and the Steelers aren’t concerned with his neck they will be happy to have him fall into their laps. Jones is a very good pass rusher, but needs to work on his coverage skills. His first year he would likely be used like Aldon Smith was his rookie season as a situational pass rusher.

Reasoning: James Harrison was released as part of a salary cap purge. That leaves the Steelers in need of another top-tier pass rusher. Jones was once considered the top outside linebacker in the draft so if he falls to the Steelers at seventeen it would be hard to seem them pass on selecting him unless they are concerned with his neck.

NFL Player Comparison: Bruce Irvin

Combine Results: Did not participate

Round 2.) Eric Reid, S, LSU

Reid is a hard hitting safety and a good tackler. He is strong in the run game and the pass game and has the ability to separate the ball from the receiver. Reid is also an experienced player playing in 39 games at LSU during his career as part of the very competitive SEC. One of the positives with Reid is that he will be ready to step in right away so he can be a back-up his rookie season and start in his second year. Negatives for Reid are his ability to get beat deep; he struggles to turn and run with receivers and will need to improve in that area as he develops.

Reasoning: The Steelers need to find replacements for the aging Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark. If Reid slips to this spot the Steelers will be forced to grab him. Clark also went to LSU and has praised Reid’s play on the field so a mentorship wouldn’t be a problem. In 2013 Reid can play as a back-up and mold into a starter in 2014.

NFL Player Comparison: Mark Barron

Combine Results:
40 YD Dash – 4.53 sec
Bench Press – 17 reps
Vert Jump – 40.5 inch
Broad Jump – 134 inch

Round 3.) Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia

Bailey is getting lost in the fold a bit due to being overshadowed by fellow receiver Tavon Austin. However, Bailey was more productive than Austin last season in the passing game, but he lacks the explosiveness in the run game and return game that make Austin a big time threat. Bailey also has better size than Austin despite being only 5’10″ and 195 pounds. He is a possession receiver that has decent speed and catches a ton of balls. He has a knack for finding holes in the defense and picking up first downs.

Reasoning: The Steelers need to find another receiver in this draft after losing Mike Wallace to free agency. Bailey could turn into a Hines Ward type player. He won’t blow anyone away with his explosiveness and athleticism, but he is a very good receiver who has a knack for getting first downs and finding ways to get open. In Todd Haley’s offense possession receivers are more important than deep threats and Bailey fits the bill.

NFL Player Comparison: Greg Jennings

Combine Results:
40 YD Dash – 4.52 sec
Bench Press – 11 reps
Vert Jump – 34.5 inch
Broad Jump – 117 inch

Round 4.) Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina

Lattimore may have been a top ten pick had he not re-injured his knee during the 2012 season. Instead he will fall into the fourth or fifth round of the draft and could be a huge steal for any team willing to take a chance on him. Lattimore is a power back that hits the hole quick and hard. He easily breaks arm tackles and can be hard to bring down. His knee injury may set him back, but according to his doctors he is well ahead of schedule on his recovery and is hoping to be ready for week 1 of the 2013 NFL season.

Reasoning: Lattimore has all of the skills to be a top running back in the NFL and could be the feature back the Steelers are looking for. Also, with the Steelers other needs in this draft a later round option like Lattimore could be the steal of the draft and allow Pittsburgh to use their first four picks on other areas of concern.

NFL Player Comparison: Arian Foster

Combine Results: Did not participate

Round 5.) Michael Mauti, ILB, Penn State

Mauti did not practice or play at the senior bowl due to a knee injury, but his draft stock is rising after he sent a hand-written letter to all 32 NFL teams during that week. Mauti is a great leader and projects as a mid-round pick. He is expected to be a middle linebacker in the NFL although he played on the outside as well at Penn State. Mauti does a good job of getting off of tackles and is also a solid player on special teams.

Reasoning: He would give the Steelers another young option for the future alongside Lawrence Timmons. The Steelers spent their third round pick in 2012 on Sean Spence, but there are still rumors that they will be looking for a middle linebacker in this draft. Mauti and Spence would give the Steelers two young players to fight for the spot next to Timmons in 2013 or 2014.

NFL Player Comparison: Barrett Ruud

Combine Results: Did not participate

Round 6a.) Earl Wolff, S, N.C. State

Wolff has the speed to keep with receivers down field as well as speed to play sideline to sideline. Like Troy Polamalu he has the speed to move from near the line of scrimmage to a deep zone coverage after the snap. He also displays very good footwork and solid technique in coverage. Wolff is a solid defender against the run and pass and makes big hits coming downhill from the secondary. At times running backs will break his tackles if he leaves his feet and he struggles to get off of blocks near the line of scrimmage.

Reasoning: Like Reid in the second round the Steelers need to find two future starters at safety. Reid is more of a strong safety in the mold of Polamalu and Wolff has the coverage skills to replace Ryan Clark. If the Steelers are concerned about finding replacements for their safeties they may be willing to draft two safeties in the hopes that at least one is ready to start in 2014.

NFL Player Comparison: Yeremiah Bell
Combine Results:
40 YD Dash – 4.44 sec
Bench Press – N/A
Vert Jump – 39 inch
Broad Jump – 104 inch

Round 6b.) David Bakhtiari, OG, Colorado

Bakhtiari played left tackle for the Colorado Buffalos, but he is expected to move inside to guard in the NFL. He has the size and athleticism to fit a zone blocking scheme which fits with new Steelers offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. He is an aggressive blocker that seeks out contact especially at the second level rather than letting it come to him. Right now Bakhtiari is a bit of a project and will have to continue to develop if he wants to last in the NFL, but he is a good low risk high reward player.

Reasoning: The Steelers need to add depth to their offensive line with the loss of Max Starks and potentially Doug Legursky this off-season. Bakhtiari could fill a reserve roll and his experience at tackle makes him versatile which is something the Steelers look for in their back-up offensive lineman.

NFL Player Comparison: Will Rackley

Combine Results:
40 YD Dash – 5.09 sec
Bench Press – 28 reps
Vert Jump – 25.5 inch
Broad Jump – 101 inch

Round 7.) Jasper Collins, WR, Mount Union

Collins is the latest sensation out of Mount Union. Mount Union has produced two good wide receivers in recent years in Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts and Collins looks to be next in line. Collins dominated Division III with over 1600 yards and 22 touchdowns this past season. He is the prototypical slot receiver and would help add some depth to the receiving core. When it comes to the seventh round it’s time for teams to take chances and Collins may just turn into a solid wide receiver in the NFL. Collins is a smaller receiver like Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders at 5’10″ and 185 pounds, but Brown has been very successful and there’s no reason to believe Collins can’t be as well.

Reasoning: The Steelers are very thin at wide receiver and they may have to cut Jerrico Cotchery to save some more cap space. If that happens they will have to add at least two receivers to the roster and the most logical option is to add them in the draft. Collins is also the perfect low risk, high reward player to take in the seventh round. He dominated Division III football and may have the skills to succeed in the NFL.

NFL Player Comparison: Pierre Garcon

Combine Results: Did not participate

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03-31-2013, 11:20 PM
Solid from top to bottom.

03-31-2013, 11:34 PM
I would be VERY satisfied with these results!

04-01-2013, 02:44 PM
What's the extent of Mauti's injury recovery now? Back to back picks with injury issues seems risky after Paulson was the only one last year to not go down with injury. I know injuries can't be predicted, etc so I wonder if Colbert is hesitant to pull the trigger on those guys. J. Jones seems to be cleared so that wouldn't be an issue. I don't see anyone contributing (except ST) consistently right away except Bailey.

Mauti right ACL in '09 and left ACL in '11, then another in '12.

04-01-2013, 03:08 PM
What's the extent of Mauti's injury recovery now? Back to back picks with injury issues seems risky after Paulson was the only one last year to not go down with injury. I know injuries can't be predicted, etc so I wonder if Colbert is hesitant to pull the trigger on those guys. J. Jones seems to be cleared so that wouldn't be an issue. I don't see anyone contributing (except ST) consistently right away except Bailey.

Mauti right ACL in '09 and left ACL in '11, then another in '12.

Former Penn State LB Michael Mauti: Steelers Are On My List

March 31, 2013


PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) – Former Penn State LB Michael Mauti is getting ready for the 2013 NFL Draft, and he updates his progress with Troy Clardy on Sportsradio 93.7 The Fan.

These have been busy days for Mauti.

“I’ve been in a different city every weekend for the last five or six weekends,” he said. “It’s been hectic, but you only go through this process once. I’m just trying to enjoy it. My main focus has just been rehabbing and getting my leg right after that surgery. It’s been going well. I’m ahead of schedule right now. I went to the Combine and did that process, and now I’m visiting with some teams.”

One of the teams Mauti will be visiting just happens to be the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“I think I would look great in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform,” Mauti said with a laugh. “Why don’t you call them and tell them to come get me?”

He also looks back at his career at Penn State, how he emerged as one of the team’s leaders during the scandal that rocked the team, and how the Nittany Lions were able to go 8-4 despite the difficult circumstances.

“Everybody was telling us in the beginning of the season that we weren’t going to win one game, three games,” Mauti said. “It’s not like we forgot how to play football. We still had a pretty good team sitting there. It was just an unbelievable season. We didn’t have a trophy, so we just came out for the love of the game and for each other. It was really special.”


04-01-2013, 03:11 PM
Mauti and Simon are the kind of guys I want the Steelers to draft. Both motor guys who love the game of football.

04-01-2013, 05:29 PM
Mauti and Simon are the kind of guys I want the Steelers to draft. Both motor guys who love the game of football.
couldnt' have said it better myself...

04-01-2013, 05:58 PM
wow, just read walter football - we're the same 1-4... I knew there was a reason i liked that site!! I hope like heck that Walter's right!! and I wouldn't be mad at his #5 (Kenny Stills)