View Full Version : Restricted Free Agents

03-28-2013, 08:39 PM
Guys & Gals ~ Many of you know far more about contracts, how they effect the cap, etc than I do so I wanted to pose the question as to whether or not it would be a good time to start seriously thinking about locking in a couple of our restricted free agents? I'm thinking Manny Sanders more than anyone else but McClendon has also played well, are there others? Maybe a three year deal for both guys at a decent but not ridiculous amount? I'm not sure how it works or where we should start. Or do we typically do this directly after the draft?

03-28-2013, 08:52 PM
I'm not sure we have the funds to sign Manny long term right now. I would expect he would want 3-5 per right now and that would pretty much end our free agency period right there. We get 5 million after June 1....but we don't have it now and a lot of that is gonna be eaten up by the draft class.

03-28-2013, 09:49 PM
Probably be better to wait till after the draft to see what we get