View Full Version : Do You Remember - Byron Leftwich Edition

11-15-2012, 02:59 PM
Byron was drafted #7 in the first round in 2003 vs Ben being selected #11 the following year.

Speaking of the draft, 2003 was the year Minnesota forgot to turn in their pick in time and the Jaguars swooped in to grab Lefty. The more interesting piece, Minny was planning to trade their pick with the Ravens who were planning to take Lefty with that same pick.

He's got a career QB Rating of 79.5 vs Joe Flacco who's got a career rating of 86.3. He's a middle of the road NFL QB just like Joe Flacco and many others.

Byron's never got to play with the the talent the Steelers have right now in Wally, Heath, Manny, Cotch, Brown. So I expect him to be even better.

As worried as we all are about Byron getting injured, he's probably one of the toughest QBs not named Big Ben in the NFL. He's taken some ferocious shots over the years and bounced back for more. I think it's cause he's got size like Ben, that opponents have a hard time bringing him down and have to hit him hard. In fact, Byron is the college legend that kept playing with a broken leg and had his teammates carry him down the field.

Granted, the reason Byron probably isn't a starter is his injuries he's had over the years that have never allowed him to complete a season as a starter. QB is a position that a guy in his 30s can make a comeback and play the best ball of their life. Here's to hoping Byron Antron Leftwich has it in him.

Byron Antron.....has the initials BA. Maybe it's a sign.