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[QUOTE=redundantman;531764]1. A couple of days after Hurricane Ike rolled through Houston in 2008 I had to fly out on a business trip. It struck me how the rest of the world had no idea what the city was going through that week. Houston literally looked like a war zone in places. But outside of Houston, the rest of the country couldn’t be bothered. It is good to see New York getting some love after Sandy.[QUOTE]

Everything seems worse when it happens to you. For example, do you think you always pick the slowest check out lines? Everyone does because they only notice when they're in a slow moving line.

We had a mile wide tornado hit close by us about a year or so ago. I've never seen anything like it. There's a lot of wooded areas around us and the width of the path of trees destroyed was ridiculous. I couldn't drive anywhere for a week because the roads were covered with huge mother humping trees. Think 100 year + oaks laying all over the place.

No one noticed except for us and the people that live around us. We missed it by about a mile fortunately.

There are still destroyed buildings finally being replaced long after the disaster. I feel bad for anyone that gets destroyed like that.

I heard one of the biggest threats is NYC is on a fault line. And when they have an earthquake, that city is a goner.

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