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Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has a thing for dopey socks. He is likely to be very jealous of the opposing Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend, because they will be sporting the dopiest socks in NFL history.
The rest of the uniform only gets dopier as you work up from the black and gold striped socks. You can see them on various players behind Charlie Batch in the photo to the right ó here's a better look at them ó if you can take your eyes off of Charlie for a minute. Only on Project Runway will you find someone so proud of such ridiculous clothing.
And they are ridiculous. They're disturbingly ugly, and Batch looks like the Hamburglar, if the Hamburglar had been homeless for 15 years. I'm starting to like it, though. If you're going to go ugly, I say go big. It's easy to rock a throwback jersey if you've got cool throwback jerseys. The Chargers in their old AFC joints? No problem. The Lions in their customary Thanksgiving gear? Why not?
The Steelers looking like wayward rugby players who accidentally stumbled into a marathon where someone taped numbers on their chest? That takes some fortitude.
The Steelers play the Redskins at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday. If you miss them then, you'll get a second chance in Week 11, when the Steelers play the Ravens in a Sunday night game

10-24-2012, 11:27 PM
I don't care what they wear as long as they win. I'll admit though that they are ugly throwbacks. The media will have a field day with these.

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In defense of the throwbacks...


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lol Is that Stryper?! I saw them in concert when I was a kid.

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To Hell with the Devil :Beer

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Nice! Stryper was awesome!!!!!!

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I like the throwbacks. We can all look back at old pictures of ourselves with our crazy hairdos, big glasses, goofy clothes, etc and laugh at ourselves for how ridiculous we look.

It's not the look that matters. It's the nostalgia. I'll take the silly looking unis in exchange for the flashback to simpler times of yesterday.

10-25-2012, 12:30 PM
Looks like a prisonbreak to me.... be better if the Raiders were sporting that style...:D

10-25-2012, 03:20 PM
Are Steeler Throwback Jerseys Coming At Bad Time?

Oct 24th, 2012 by Craig Gottschalk

The Steelers are making strides to overcome their early seasonal demons. The win over the Bengals was a large step in the right direction. The team desperately needs to keep the trend moving forward. Iím not so much a man of superstition, but I am a firm believer that you donít mess with the mojo when itís working.

The Steelers will be playing in their uniforms from 1934 when the Steelers were still the Pittsburgh Pirates. As you can see they are one of the biggest visual atrocities coming out of sports aside from Craig Sager. The Steelersí (or Piratesí) record during this time equaled the visual quality of those uniforms. The Steelers went 2-10 that season when debuting these uniís. The Steelers also have a fairy poor record when it comes to wearing any throwback uniform over the past decade.

Those two factors combined, I almost feel like the Steelers should hold off on wearing these things. Wonít they be taking a chance in channeling the Pirates of old along with their bad throwback record? Letís hope it doesnít mess up the winning mojo too much. Let the bumble bee references continue!


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Steelers will wear absurd throwbacks this week

SImon Samano, USA TODAY

10:08PM EDT October 24. 2012 - Remember in 2009 when the Denver Broncos wore those throwback mustard yellow jerseys with the doo-doo brown pants? We hoped those would never return, and thankfully they haven't since then.

Unfortunately, though, we'll have to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers play this Sunday in these:

http://www.gannett-cdn.com/media/USATODAY/gameon/2012/10/24/steelers.unis-4_3_r560_c560x380.jpg?e30e514401c44b160da53c4fd24e ce0b885793ba

The Steelers will dawn these ridiculous throwbacks from 1934 this Sunday against the Redskins.(Photo: Steelers.com)

What you're looking at here are throwbacks from 1934 ... that should've stayed in 1934.

Look, I'm not a modernist or anything. I love the sight of the Chargers' powder blues and the Rams' old-school blue-and-yellows. But these Steelers get-ups make me want to eye-gauge myself. They're ridiculous.


10-27-2012, 04:02 PM
http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000085962/article/pittsburgh-steelers-react-to-bumblebee-uniformsBy Kareem CopelandAround the League Writer
Published: Oct. 27, 2012 at 02:09 p.m. Updated: Oct. 27, 2012 at 02:49 p.m.

The Pittsburgh Steelers' throwback jerseys are so, um, gaudy that Ike Taylor had to make up a word to describe them.

"I like them. I like the throwback, man. That bumblebee, jailhouse look from back in the day," Taylor told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I'll try to put 'swag' and 'swurve' in the same word. How about 'swavvin'? You got to have that Looney Toons accent like Porky the Pig when you say it, too.

Isaac Redman models the uniform from the 1934 season.(Pittsburgh Steelers)

Pretty sure "bumblebee, jailhouse" wasn't what designers were going for ahead of Sunday's matchup against the Washington Redskins. Probably not a good idea to have the team resemble a 1930's chain gang. The big guys especially.

"I don't like to call them fat, but on the big, healthy guys, it's not going to look too good," Taylor said.

"Sideways stripes don't do me no good," nose tackle Casey Hampton said. "Honestly, any uniform does me bad, so it can't really get any worse than it already is."

The Steelers throwbacks have not been met with much fanfare. Only 14 percent of voters on a Post-Gazette online poll liked the uniforms. They're even worse than the Packers' recent throwbacks with the blue jersey, yellow dot in the middle and doo-doo brown helmets. That's quite the accomplishment.

Follow Kareem Copeland on Twitter @kareemcopeland.

10-27-2012, 04:17 PM
I like the throwback uniforms. They are so outrageous that your have to like 'em. But either way I could care less what we wear, as long as we win.


10-27-2012, 05:33 PM
Pretty sure "bumblebee, jailhouse" wasn't what designers were going for ahead of Sunday's matchup against the Washington Redskins. Probably not a good idea to have the team resemble a 1930's chain gang.


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Nicely done

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Is this the throwback uni for the Skins ??? Will they be wearing these on Sunday?


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Is this the throwback uni for the Skins ??? Will they be wearing these on Sunday?

686Let's hope not

11-02-2012, 05:42 PM
Scandal rocks Pittsburgh Steelers as historical accuracy of throwback uniforms questioned

By Rebecca Rollett on Nov 2


And to think we were worried about minor stuff like the Emmanuel Sanders injury or the Ta'amu legal troubles...

In a hard-hitting piece of uniform-related journalism, Phil Hecken of Uni-Watch reveals the questionable historical basis for the "1934" throwbacks. In a patient unravelling of the evidence trail, including a trip to the Pennsylvania State Library in Harrisburg, Hecken reveals the uniforms were first worn not in 1934 but in 1933.

Hecken's evidence is based upon viewing the microfilm collection of Pittsburgh newspaper photos of games in 1933 and 1934. According to Hecken, the unis were only worn once in a game, in November of 1933. (They were also worn in a team photo in 1934.) The game was vs. Brooklyn, and the Pittsburgh (football) Pirates were beaten 32-0. Thank heavens I didn't know this before last Sunday's gameóI would have been even more of a wreck than I was.

But, shocking as this presumably deliberate misinformation is, the scandal doesn't stop there. According to Hecken's evidence, the number blocks actually had a yellow background rather than a white one. Although the Steelers facility displays a jersey purporting to be from 1934 with white number blocks, its authenticity has not been confirmed. Will the deceit never end?

Isn't there enough scandal on the team now, what with Emmanuel Sanders' upcoming visit to the league offices (at least once he can get to them,) DeAngelo Hall's accusations of dirty play on the part of a Steelers wide receiver, or the brutal treatment of a peaceable visiting quarterback (RGIII) at the hands of S Will Allen and OLB James Harrison? You would think they would at least get the unis right.

O tempores, o mores! But, because of the tireless search for the truth of Mr. Hecken, veritas vincit. Thank heavens there is still a man in the media who isn't afraid to challenge the great and confront them with their faults. I implore the Steelers organization to own up to their duplicity, right the ship, and once again be able to hold their heads high among their peers in the National Football League. And as for those of you considering the purchase of a throwback jersey, caveat emptor.