View Full Version : What a difference a week makes.

10-22-2012, 03:57 PM
Well, instead of responding to everything thread, I wanted to just kind of make a summary that addressed all the various subjects.

First of all, I took some gentle ribbing for me predicting Dwyer would prove to be the most productive back on the roster. Well, even I had given up hope, but, if you are going to bust my stones over saying that, I deserve some kudos after this game. This is the JD I envisioned since they drafted him. Did you see how he plows into the defender to end his runs? And, no, he isn't a Bettis, but he could be considered a "mini bus." He is 230+ lbs with light feet. (JB was probably more like 265.) Any how, better late than never. JD did have at least one shinning moment; seeing them run the ball down their throats and killing clock was a sight for tired eyes.

In the first quarter, I wanted to literally change the channel. They were playing like crap. And although this Cinci team lost to the Browns, they aren't a horrible team. But this win feels better than the Eagles and Jets win; they seemed to actually make progress with the rushing game - with the blocking. We are approaching the 1/2 way point of the season, and at least they are seemingly making progress. It sure feels better than it did.

OK, Wallace? You suck. Plain and simple. He is soft and lacks concentration. Serves him right, as he is looking for a contract as large as Fitz in AZ. He is really playing like crap. I keep thinking he is going to snap out of it, and he just keeps getting worse at dropping the rock.

Hampton. Why is he still the starter? Ever get the feeling this team gets too loyal to its long-standing players? It sure does appear that way. Although, CH did have that one play where he blew up the center and dropped the back. He destroyed that play. But why isn't McClendon in there more? I hate the "old boys club" in every facet of life. It's a worthless, unfair pile of crap.

Ben still makes some real bone head plays (throwing into double coverage for a pick, etc.) But he also still makes some plays no other QB can make. I really don't think it matters all that much as to what style of O they run, as he eventually turns everything into a back yard game. That being said, we are 2nd in the league at TOP, so they must be doing something right (but you'd expect better than a 3-3 record with that stat, so still something wrong there.)

Harrison is no where close to being back. Did you see that illustration where he used to come in at a 40 degree angle and now is only coming in at 60 degrees? Plus, he is no where as fast as he used to be. But still, he's better out there at 50% than Carter is at 100%.

How many times do you think is appropriate to show Troy on the sidelines per game? I am thinking like once - twice at the most. So why does EVERY telecast show him 10+ times a game? We get it: Troy is hurt and isn't playing in this game. Why do you have to show me him standing there after every other play? I have had enough of that. I get it; he's not playing.

Did you see Wallace flash that huge smile after he dropped the ball near the end zone? They didn't keep the camera on it, but Tomlin ran up to him and didn't seem to be enjoying his smile. Someone needs to step up and not allow that kind of BS. I would say the head coach needs to be that guy.