View Full Version : The new breed of inside iinebacker and offensive philosophy

08-04-2012, 01:29 AM
I saw that Ray Lewis dropped some serious weight this year to remain competitive and I am wondering if that is due to his age or a change in the defensive philosophy of the prototypical inside linebacker. If defenses are evolving to defend the pass more and worrying about the run less, it seems that if you have a big road grader front line on the offense and a tough, smash mouth running back behind them then the Ray Lewises of the world are going to get obliterated by the DeCastros Pounceys and Colons as they open holes for big gains. IMO, I am thankful for this year's draft and trading BA for Haley. At least now the Steelers actually PRACTICE running plays. No wonder they looked like crap on the ground last year. In fact, there were so many debates on whether plays failed because of the player or bad coaching. Every time a play blew up, many on here immediately blamed the players for individual screw ups, but IT WAS THE OVERALL COACHING (or should I say lack of coaching) that didnt prepare them well for their assignments.

BA leaving was the best thing that happened to the Steelers this year.

08-04-2012, 02:15 AM
BA leaving was the best thing that happened to the Steelers this year.

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