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Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 5.15.12


Ed Bouchette: Good afternoon. Let's begin

Dude_From_Cali: after 4 games suspension, will Saunders be on the team? TE.

Ed Bouchette: That depends on if you want to get rid of Pope or Johnson.

Nap: Are the Steelers still looking to bring in a veteran RB?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think so at this point.

Dude_From_Cali: 6 foot 8 Wes Lyon, he's no better than a project to earn a spot, right?

Ed Bouchette: Right, and they're trying him at tight end this time.

Okiesteelerfan: How come we hear how great draft picks look in rookie camp? They're in shorts and not even hitting!!!!is it just PR or rationalization?

Ed Bouchette: I don't believe you heard any of that from me.

Okiesteelerfan: Hi Ed, when do you think the new '33 retro jerseys will go on sale? I want to get one

Ed Bouchette: Go to Steelers.com. I believe you can buy them there.

JamesinNYC: When will DeCastro and Spence sign.?..seems pretty cut and dried this year. Was DeCastro falling to 24 an issue?

Ed Bouchette: A few problems have cropped up with signing first rounders 20-25 and in the third round. Don't fret. They have until training camp

Okiesteelerfan: How do you feel the QB situation is? I mean we have a guy who breaks easily and an upper 30's guy. Do you think one of them gets cut to make room for a developmental guy?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think it's etched in stone that both Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich make the roster.

Dude_From_Cali: Buffalo Bills took all the Steelers' rejects on OL yet they still drafted bunch of OL... is their line that pathetic/depleted?

Ed Bouchette: I haven't paid much attention to the Bills line. I do know the Steelers cut Kraig Urbik and he is a starter for them.

Brasil_Fan: Ed, In an article Ben mentioned his ankle was still a little sore. Anything to be concerned about?

Ed Bouchette: I don't believe so.

dave: Sounds like some of the players are surprised by the offensive playbook. Is this going to be another Joe Walton situation?

Ed Bouchette: It depends on how the players react. Bubby Brister didn't react well to Walton's offense and some teammates took their cue from him. I don't expect Ben R to resist Haley's.

Me: Did Dennis Dixon sign with anyone?

Ed Bouchette: No, not that's been reported anyway.

Jason: Any word on what the Haley playbook is like? Major differences with Arian's offense? Major focus?

Ed Bouchette: Ben told me it was 90 percent different.

JamesinNYC: Beachum is my longshot call, I like the fact that he is a pretty bright kid, and while not sized for a LT position that is where the best lineman should play and he wasn't the first lineman drafted from SMU. Did you get to talk to him at rookie camp? Impressions?

Ed Bouchette: We have you on record. No, I didn't talk to him at rookie camp and really have no impressions other than as the last draft pick of the Steelers, he won't be favored to make the team but as a guard, he has a shot.

JimW: Any news on Hampton's health? I wouldn't be surprised if he was over 400 pounds if he can't excercise...

Ed Bouchette: Someone told me he's in pretty good shape, but I haven't seen him.

Okiesteelerfan: Is Dennis Dixon done in the NFL?

Ed Bouchette: I thought someone would sign him by now. No, I wouldn't say he's done.

Me: Is Hampton a candidate to start the season on the PUP list?

Ed Bouchette: Yes, I would think he's a candidate but I wouldn't rule him out of it yet.

s1refrosty: Ed, how many offensive linemen make this Steelers team?

Ed Bouchette: Nine, usually

Okiesteelerfan: How many slots on the Developmental squad?

Ed Bouchette: They are permitted eight on what they now call the practice squad.

s1refrosty: Ed, you make the call. Is this Lebeau's last season?

Ed Bouchette: I've been asked this question annually for many years. I have no indication that Dick LeBeau is ready to hang them up and he's still in great shape and doing a good job.

Nap: Why no love out there for Plaxico Burress?

Ed Bouchette: They showed it last August, he turned them down. They've moved on and really have no spot for him.

Jason: How is Kirby Wilson doing and looking?

Ed Bouchette: Better and better. I've seen him several times and we chatted briefly.

Brasil_Fan: What is your favorite NFL stadium to watch a game?

Ed Bouchette: I'll take Heinz Field from where I sit in the press box. I also like Cleveland, Baltimore and Cincinnati. But Heinz by far -- for my viewing pleasure and other conveniences like access to the locker rooms, etc. I have never seen a pro football game from the stands.

Bart: Will Redman be an every-down back (assuming he is the starter)? Or are those days gone?

Ed Bouchette: That's the question. They think he has it in him and we may find out.

Okiesteelerfan: Do you think Mendenhall will ever put on a Steeler uniform again?

Ed Bouchette: I'm not sure, but I can see a scenario where he will not.

JimW: Why is Slyvester not getting a chance to start, his athleticism has to be 10 times better than Foote's?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think you can say he isn't getting a chance to start. I believe they will be open-minded about that position.

JamesinNYC: Favorite interview or quote form rookie camp?

Ed Bouchette: Myron Rolle. I'd have to go back and look at the story I wrote on him to pick out a quote, but his entire story fascinates me.

JimW: If Keenan Lewis gets beat out at the cb spot, wouldn't he have the size to be the possible replacement for Clark at FS?

Ed Bouchette: He has the size, but I've never heard anyone talk about that as a possible move for him.

Okiesteelerfan: If Hampton is on the PUP does McClendon start at NT?

Ed Bouchette: Can we have OTAs and a training camp first? They drafted a kid on the fourth round who I would not rule out until then.

Dude_From_Cali: Chris Johnson's now down to 4.0 yard per carry average. so may be his brilliance was a flash in the pan or may be Johnson never was the Steeler type of RB and never was on Steeler's draft board. Agree?

Ed Bouchette: Oh, I think he was on their board. They took Mendenhall. Johnson was a disappointment after he signed his new contract.

JimW: Can both Rainey and Batch make the roster or do they only want one "small" back?

Ed Bouchette: They could, yes. Batch is not small. He's 5-10, 210.

Cameron: Besides butler and the rb coach, what assistant coaches do you think would be next in line for promotion?

Ed Bouchette: I don't know that there is an obvious next in line after those two (Mike Tomlin, remember, went outside to hire his OC after Wilson was injured in the fire). I think down the road, Carnell lake might make a good DC.

Jimmy D: Any closer on Wallace signing a long term deal or is a holdout a real threat?

Ed Bouchette: I think there's a better chance for some middle ground -- that he signs his $2.7M tender and plays the season at that.

JimW: Do you think Colon can stay healthy for the whole season?

Ed Bouchette: Once upon a time he did, so I believe he can again, but questions like these are impossible to answer. Even Willie doesn't know.

Cameron: Do you think Clay has a shot to make the roster with the addition of Rainey or was he just a warm body last season?

Ed Bouchette: Yes, he has a shot. You never know how things will play out. Many had Mewelde Moore gone last year -- until Batch tore his ACL.

s1refrosty: With Hampton being injured, do you think his weight will be issue once his knee is ready to play again?

Ed Bouchette: Throughout his career, Casey Hampton's weight has been an issue -- to others, but not to him. Somehow, he's managed to make five Pro Bowls. I just wrote someone told me he's in decent shape.

Ed Bouchette: Thank you for another great chat. See you next week, although because of OTAs, we may have to change the time.


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That was short...he hates to chat, and didnt say a whole lot. Random thoughts on the coming year. Personally I dont think it matters what weight Casey comes in at I think he's done. Right now McClendon & Ta'mau are better options. I'll be disappointed if Stevens doesn't beat out Larrry Foote. I'd love to see Dwyer come in to camp in shape and ready. I like him the most as a featured back with Mendenhall out.

05-18-2012, 10:49 PM
That was short...he hates to chat, and didnt say a whole lot. Random thoughts on the coming year. Personally I dont think it matters what weight Casey comes in at I think he's done. Right now McClendon & Ta'mau are better options. I'll be disappointed if Stevens doesn't beat out Larrry Foote. I'd love to see Dwyer come in to camp in shape and ready. I like him the most as a featured back with Mendenhall out.

He is such a d-bag. He should just stop his chats because it's obvious that #1 he hates it and #2 he provides very little facts

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Here is Ed's story on Myron Rolle that he referenced in the chat:

Steelers rookie aims to be both scholar and athlete

May 5, 2012 7:39 am

By Ed Bouchette / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The most talented player attending this weekend's rookie orientation is not top pick David DeCastro, who pulled on Alan Faneca's old number 66 in his first practice with the Steelers.

It is not tackle Mike Adams, their second-round pick, nor is it halfback Chris Rainey, whose coach called him the steal of the NFL draft.

The most talented player on the field Friday at the UPMC Sports Performance Complex is himself a most complex man. His name is Myron Rolle and he is a 25-year-old strong safety trying to make his first NFL roster.

If he does, it might not rank as the most impressive item on his resume. That could be his masters degree in medical anthropology from Oxford -- the Oxford, not the University of Mississippi -- which he earned before the Tennessee Titans drafted him on the sixth round in 2010.

He also has that little humanitarian trip to the Congo, invited to be part of a group by former president Bill Clinton along with people such as Ashley Judd and Jeff Gordon.

Oh, and when Rolle's football career ends, whenever that is, he will begin medical school with the goal to be a traveling neurosurgeon.

"If it lasts 15 years, I'll start medical school when I'm an old man,'' Rolle said as he finished his first practice with the Steelers Friday.

Rolle has the size (6-2, 215), the speed (4.5), certainly the smarts, and he even has the number (Hall of Famer Mel Blount's 47). So, many scouts would like to know, what's missing? He spent the 2010 season on Tennessee's practice squad. He went through their 2011 season and was cut. He had a few tryouts before signing with the Steelers in January.
Perhaps with everything else going for the young man, football just might not be that important to him?

Oh, yes it is, he insisted.

"Oh, it's incredibly important, and I just appreciate the Steelers for giving me the opportunity to continue my football career. My athleticism, my love for the game hasn't left my body yet. And when that happens I'll give it up. Right now, I'm 100 percent committed."

He reasoned that things did not click for him in Tennessee because of the time he spent away from football studying.

"I think I was still rusty, I really do. I was coming back from Oxford and hadn't played in a year and a half. It's hard to get the rhythm of football back, especially when you're playing in the National Football League, where the best athletes play.

"I appreciate Jeff Fisher and the Titans giving me an opportunity. Now I feel I'm back in. My feet are wet, I have the calls down, I have the feel of the game again and I'm ready to go.

"It's my priority right now, it certainly is. I'm excited to be out here again, playing, learning a new system, being with a great team and just trying to keep this football dream alive. I've been playing since I was 6 and it's hard for me to get away right now."

If he does not make it in the NFL, he will never know if Oxford held him back. But then, if he opted for football instead, he might never had known if that held him back. He's shooting for the best of both.

"Oxford was amazing. I traveled a lot and met a lot of incredible people . . . I just had a great time, something I recommend to everybody. I don't regret my decision to go to Oxford.''

With his medical career at least temporarily on hold, there is opportunity for a young safety with the Steelers. Even though they have two Pro Bowlers starting, Ryan Clark will turn 33 in October and Troy Polamalu is 31. Their backups are Will Allen, 30 in June, and the kid of the bunch, 27-year-old Ryan Mundy.

"I like the situation, I like my chances if I perform and do what I'm supposed to do,'' said Rolle, cousin of former Titans and Ravens defensive back Samari Rolle, who also played at Florida State. "I know there is a lot asked of the safeties here, there's a lot asked of players in general here. I'm just looking forward to meeting that standard , and once I do that, hopefully I put myself in position to earn a spot."

Even if he does not make it in football, there is overwhelming evidence that Myron Rolle will earn a spot somewhere.

NOTES -- Rookie offensive tackle Desmond Stapleton failed his physical. The Steelers replaced him with guard Corey Balcerzak, a rookie guard from St. John Fisher College . . . Rookie linebacker Sean Spence wore James Farrior's old number, 51, and rookie tackle Mike Adams wore Chris Hoke's old number, 76.

First Published May 4, 2012 7:36 am



05-21-2012, 06:21 PM
I thought Ed was rather cordial. I find his chats quite interesting and look forward to them.

I am interested in Mr Rolle. I think he has a definite shot to make the roster. He is my long-shot pick. I think all that Beachum has going for him is being a long-snapper.

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Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 5.22.12


Ed Bouchette: Good afternoon, Live, from OTAs, let's begin.

Ryan W: Ed thanks for your time, Do you know if players such as DeCastro and Adams are allowed to workout privately with a coach they hire since they're not allowed to attend OTA's?

Ed Bouchette: Of course. Many have been working out with such conditioning coaches since the end of last season.

SteelersfanSLC: Ed, This year we have CB, RB, DL and OL with changes & battles for starting jobs. Can you remember the last time there was as many positional battles/changes for the Steelers?

Ed Bouchette: Sometimes, that's not a good thing. There have been many "openings" in the offensive line for several years. Wide receiver too. On defense, not so many.

Guest: Decastro will obviously start. But do you think the Steelers would take a chance with two rookie starting o-linemen if Adams is the best in camp?

Ed Bouchette: Have you seen their line play the last couple of years. I would say that is a small-risk chance they would be taking.

Guest: Any progress in getting the last two picks signed?

Ed Bouchette: I would not worry one little bit about either of those players signing.

Ed Bouchette: Sean Spence, by the way, practiced even though he has not yet signed his rookie contract.

JamesinNYC: Is Adams right or left tackle when he gets to practice? Wallace hurts or helps himself by not attending OTA? Doesn't matter to me for what it is worth.

Ed Bouchette: Adams will be at left tackle, Marcus Gilbert stays on the right. Wallace probably is neither helping nor hurting himself -- and I mean the latter literally, he cannot get hurt in OTAs.

Guest: Any updates on Mendy's condition and has he spoken to any of you in the media?

Ed Bouchette: He was here today, running. Casey Hampton is here too, rehabbing. No, I did not speak to Rashard, but then we can only speak to players in these things as they are coming off the field. If you're lucky, you might get to talk to two players. Today, I talked to one.

Guest: Having covered the Steelers for so long how would you access the division now versus a few years ago?

Ed Bouchette: The Steelers and Ravens fighting things out, the Bengals up and down, as usual, and the Browns at the bottom. That's how things have pretty much been for awhile with the wildcard the Bengals, who every once in awhile pop up as a contender.

The Chief: Am I the only one who thinks this is one of the tougher schedules in recent years?

Ed Bouchette: I haven't taken a poll but I don't even think about schedules except when I make my plane reservations. Didn't they have the toughest sked in the NFL the last time they won the Super Bowl?

Okiesteelerfan: Ed, I crack up at the comments about how spectacular all the new rookies/players look in OTA. The one was the overly exuberant nature of the report on P Manning in Denver. How do you think he will do against the Steelers D in his first real game in 18 months?

Ed Bouchette: Peyton, remember, had neck problems and there were some reports that it affected his right arm. So, those reports are more newsy than some that merely note how well a rookie offensive tackle is doing. If Manning's arm indeed is sound, he will give the Steelers all they can handle, I would assume, especially in Denver.

PSU fan: Think the ex Penn Stater Derrick Williams can make the team as a returner?

Ed Bouchette: I think that might be tough, especially with Chris Rainey.

Guest: What's the latest on Leftwich signing. If it drags out do they look elsewhere, or perhaps younger?

Ed Bouchette: I assume you missed the fact that he signed, just before the draft. He practiced today.

Guest: Ed, granted we haven't seen these guys yet in camp, but based on the Steeler needs and what you have heard about the guys drafted how many draftees do you think realistically could make this roster?

Ed Bouchette: Start with the first five. I also think there's a spot for WR Toney Clemons.

Guest: Ed, Big Ben recently spoke at a banquet for the first time. He really does seem have changed for the better. Some are still skeptical. Based on what you've seen and how he's done a 180 with the media how would you access the new Ben?

Ed Bouchette: I think he's more at ease with everyone -- us, his teammates and the public.

trinisteel: Who starts next to Timmons at ILB?

Ed Bouchette: Larry Foote

Dirt Dinardo: Think the Steelers will ever look at putting in some new kind of turf, or do you think they will continue to play on sod and put in a new field during each season?

Ed Bouchette: I think they will stick with the real stuff. They have a system now that works reasonably well, rolling out new sod after Thanksgiving.

Jack Fleming: Off topic here, but have the Steelers ever given Super Bowl rings to their broadcasters? Many teams do, some in recent years including the Saints didn't?

Ed Bouchette: Myron Cope told a story about how he was offered one and he turned it down, said he was not part of the team. Later, the IRS came knocking and wanted to know why he did not claim the ring on his income tax because they assumed he got one. He told them he was in the clear. Since then, I do not believe the broadcasters have been offered Super Bowl rings.

Dude_From_Cali: has Sean Spence resembled a "human bullet" in practice or simply run of the mill?

Ed Bouchette: It's one practice, 90 minutes long. I did not notice one way or the other.

Rich from Bellevue: One topic which used to surface from time to time during the Arians era was whether or not they might use a "pony" backfield. So permit me to ask the same thing about the new coordinator's intentions.

Ed Bouchette: I don't know. They won't let us talk to him.

Guest: Ed when people talk about great clutch QB's I think Bradshaw gets overlookd quite a bit, like on NFL Networks top 10 he didn't even make the list, yes the defense was great but when the game was on the line Bradshaw would deliver, Do you think great D sort of hurts Bradshaw when people discuss his career?

Ed Bouchette: There were so many great players on those teams, the plaudits were spread around pretty good. I don't think Bradshaw gets shorted -- he made the HOF on his first try -- but he's rarely listed among the top quarterbacks in the game when people rank them. I think it's because, especially early in his career, he had terrible stats.

Roger Goodell: Ed, have you thought about doing a story with some old-time Steelers to get their take on so many former players suing the league and to see what they think and whether they will join all the lawsuits being filed?

Ed Bouchette: I will tell you something: I've talked to a few of those players and some people in the league. Lawyers are blindly calling every player who ever played football to see if they will join these lawsuits. It's what they used to call ambulance-chasers. On the players' part, they figure they have nothing to lose by agreeing to it.

That is why there are thousands of these former players signed up. I talked to Frenchy Fuqua and he joined one of the groups, and he told me 8 different lawyers called him trying to persuade him to join.

Rich from Bellevue: (Bradshaw wasn't a "clutch" QB, and that's a compliment. A "clutch" QB is one who performs late-game heroics to pull out a victory, whereas a truly great QB plays great the *whole* game, and so his team is usually *ahead* late in the game).

Ed Bouchette: He was both. Go look at the fourth quarter of SB 14.

Rich: So if Spence is participating without a contract, what happens to him if he gets hurt?

Ed Bouchette: He better have an insurance policy.

Dude_From_Cali: any reason as to MIke Adam's low bench press number of 19? what would be his normal bench #?

Ed Bouchette: Yeah, it means he wasn't strong enough to bench press No. 20. you'd like to see those guys in the mid-20s at least. However, the Steelers will introduce him to their weight room and that should correct that problem.

Ed Bouchette: Thank you all for another great chat. I'll see you next Tuesday.


05-22-2012, 03:50 PM
Rich from Bellevue: (Bradshaw wasn't a "clutch" QB, and that's a compliment. A "clutch" QB is one who performs late-game heroics to pull out a victory, whereas a truly great QB plays great the *whole* game, and so his team is usually *ahead* late in the game).

More revision history. Freaking idiots.