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Steel Life
04-25-2012, 09:42 PM
Starting with a surprise because the whole Poe, Hightower, Zeitler thing has been talked to death. This doesn't mean I don't like some of the board favorites like Wolfe, Pead, Wagner or Zeitler...it just means that I think some of them will be gone or that some choices could have consequences where other players are concerned. So with that I say that with the 24th pick in the 1st round the Pittsburgh Steelers select...

1. Whitney Mercilus, OLB Illinois - One of the shocks of the 1st round...Mercilus falls to the Steelers. In a passing league the priority is on getting to the QB & Mercilus does that. With Harrison getting older & both his & Woodley's injuries, getting the next wave of dominant Steeler OLBs is critical. With recent picks Worilds & Carter not looking like the impact players we need, plus rumors of Worilds moving inside, we need a player that can cause havoc - especially against Flacco & Dalton.

2. Brandon Brooks, OG Miami (OH) - OL consolation prize after having to pass on Zeitler & Silatolu. A dominant run blocker, he'll have to be coached up on pass plays, but has the size & strength to compete in the AFC North...especially Baltimore.

3. Greg Childs, WR Arkansas - Another mid-round WR find, except this kid has size & strength to go with speed...& he blocks.

4. Kheeston Randall, NT Texas - Back to Texas for a NT that Joe Greene worked out personally. Low numbers but was double-teamed alot.

5. Miles Burris, LB San Diego St. - A play-making sideline to sideline OLB, who best projects as an athletic ILB.

6. Michael Smith, RB Utah St. - Sproles-like but not as good. Fast, quick & good hands...runs hard for his size.

7. Ryan Van Bergen, DE Michigan - Better than you think, experienced 3-4 DE who can get bigger & stronger.

7b. Bradie Ewing, FB Wisc. - Haley uses FBs...Ewing is strong, blocks well & has good hands...its a passing league, think John L. not Kreider.

7c. Derrick Dennis, OL Temple - The size, strength & movement are there...they just need work.

7d. Jeremy Jones, DB Wayne St. - A thumping DB/S prospect with an aggressive special-teams mentality.

- Chandler Harnish, QB N. Illinois - MAC QB with a winner's attitude, a schoolyard game & a good arm...sound familiar?
- Nate Eachus, RB Colgate - Brian Leonard-style RB...hard runner, good receiver.
- Danny Coale, WR VaTech - Grisham take 2? No...faster, bigger, hands not as good. Emergency punter with 43.5 yd. avg.
- Kris Burd, WR Virginia - A player in the Hines Ward mold...goes over the middle, catches everything, blocks everyone.
- James Carmon, OT Miss. St. - An athletic OL project with the tools to succeed if properly fmotivated.
- Carson Wiggs, K/P Purdue - Big leg, handled all kicking & punting duties, used to bad weather.
- Ryan Davis, OLB Bethune-Cookman - Size/speed prospect with a good motor.
- Myles Wade, NT Portland St. - Thickly built, muscled & built to fight in the trenches, surprising athleticism (42 BP, VL 35", BJ 9'-1").

04-25-2012, 10:21 PM
Dude .. Epic Mock Draft! That is BEAST!

Steel Life
04-25-2012, 10:43 PM
Just the answer I was looking for! ;)

04-25-2012, 10:45 PM
Nice work (especially including UDFA possibilities). My only critique is that Kheeston Randall fit more of the 3-4 DE mold (6'5" 293 lbs.) than a 3-4 NT.


Steel Life
04-26-2012, 06:41 PM
Nice work (especially including UDFA possibilities). My only critique is that Kheeston Randall fit more of the 3-4 DE mold (6'5" 293 lbs.) than a 3-4 NT.

True...but I have to think that Tomlin's mantra of "position flexibility" is a motivating factor here. Whether it's Randall, Van Bergen or Wolfe we're going to get another DE this draft & I'd think they're in line for some PT right away.

Though I have my favorites (DE Reyes, LB Wagner, RB Wilson) I think we HAVE to get the OL Brandon Brooks, a decent LB & DE at minimum for this draft to be successful. Either way I hope we get someone we can all get excited about like Mercilus or Perry as the prospects of picking Hightower (I think he's really a 2nd round talent) or Adams (I can live with if they get him in the 2nd too) in the first just seem too uninspired. Lastly, the sudden talk about LaMichael James concerns me as he seems like he's just a 3rd down type of player with no will to run inside or pick-up the blitz - that's great for the dome teams in the NFC but not the AFC North.