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03-26-2012, 11:25 AM
Hey Everyone,

It's that time of the season where trades are going in order to build the "perfect" team to win the championship. Rookies straight out of college, are being recruited to join a specific team, and that's where the NFL Mock Draft comes into play. Everyone has their own version of what player they want or their team and which player will go where, etc. Bleacher Report Matt Miller has come up with his own version of the NFL mock draft picks. Posted below is the video. Once you're done watching the video I would like to know what everyone else pick is. Which player would you like to see on what team and why?


03-27-2012, 12:17 AM
Here is my current mock for the Steelers (now that they have announced that we will receive an extra 3 compensatory picks in the 7th round:

Trade 1.24 & 2.56 for Jets 1.16 & 4.109

1 OG David DeCastro, Stanford 6'5" 316 lbs
3 LB Shea McClellin, Boise St 6'3" 260 lbs
4 OG Brandon Brooks, Miami (OH) 6'5" 346 lbs
4 FS Markelle Martin, Oklahoma S 6'1" 207 lbs
5 NT Hebron Fangupo, BYU 6'1" 323 lbs
6 FB Chad Diehl, Clemson 6'2" 257 lbs
7 TE Chase Ford, Miami 6'6" 258 lbs
7 WR Chris Owusu, Stanford 6'0" 196 lbs
7 DE Ryan Van Bergen, Michigan 6'6" 288 lbs
7 OT Joe Long, Wayne St 6'6" 308 lbs

I did a full league 2-round mock several weeks ago (but that was before the Redskins-Rams trade for RG3 and before the Saints lost their 2nd round pick because of Bountygate), so that will need to be updated soon.

03-27-2012, 06:12 PM
Just realized that the 4th rounder that I have been projecting back from the Jets now belongs to the Broncos (as a part of the Tebow trade). So instead of getting a 4th round pick back from the Jets (when using my 2nd rounder to move up for DeCastro), I'll now get a 5th rounder back from the Jets while also moving up 9 spots in the 3rd round in order to make the same move-up (the numbers pretty much still work out...we give up 1240 points and get back 1235.8).

Steelers 1.24, 2.56, 3.86 for Jets 1.16, 3.77, 5.154

1.16 OG David DeCastro, Stanford 6-5 316
3.77 LB Shea McClellin, Boise St 6-3 260
4.119 OG Brandon Brooks, Miami (OH) 6-5 346
5.154 WR Marvin McNutt, Iowa 6-3 216
5.159 NT Hebron Fangupo, BYU 6-1 323
6.193 FB Chad Diehl, Clemson 6-2 257
7.231 TE Chase Ford, Miami 6-7 255
7.240 FS Blake Gideon, Texas 6-0 208
7.246 DE Ryan Van Bergen, Michigan 6-6 288
7.248 OT Joe Long, Wayne St 6-6 308

03-29-2012, 04:06 PM
I think the Jets trade I suggested is now simply too complex to be feasible (our 1 & 2 for their 1 & 4 was doable, but now that their 4th round pick turned into Tebow, I was really stretching to make the numbers match up according to the trade value chart...our 1-2-3 for their 1-3-5...us moving up in the 1st and 3rd rounds by giving up a 2nd and getting back a 5th is just sort of confusing...I need to simply). Plus, there is a decent likelihood that DeCastro could be off the board by pick #16 anyway. If I want DeCastro, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and give up my 2nd rounder without getting anything in return.

The team that I am worried about is the Cowboys. Their biggest needs coming into free agency were their secondary and their interior o-line. In the secondary, they cut the aging and ineffective CB Terrence Newman and replaced him with big money CB Brandon Carr (5 years, $50.1 million with $26.5 million guaranteed), plus added safety Brodney Pool to a modest 1 year, $1.2 million contract…they’ll still need a long term solution here. I was hoping that they would use their first round pick on someone like Dre Kirkpatrick, but that may not be so likely after giving all that money to Carr (now Carr will be their #1 CB, Mike Jenkins their #2 CB, and Orlando Scandrick their #3 CB)…using a premium pick here could improve their CB corps overall (and with Eli, Vick, and now RG3 in their division you can’t have enough corner depth), but the Carr signing makes it so that they do not have to pick a corner with their top pick (but they may still take one with an early pick anyway).

On the Dallas o-line, they are set with their starting tackles (Tyron Smith and Doug Free), but could use upgrades at all 3 interior OL positions. They cut guard Kyle Kosier and signed guards Nate Livings (5 years, $19 million with $6.2 million guaranteed) and Mackenzy Bernadeau (4 years, $11 million with $3.25 million guaranteed). Livings was signed to be a starter, but Bernadeau could be a backup for them if they are able to land DeCastro (he only started 20 out of the 47 games he played in Carolina).

In order to leapfrog the Cowboys, I would have to trade ahead of them to #13, which is held by Arizona. The Cardinals have also been rumored to be in the DeCastro derby, but I think they have bigger needs at tackle than guard (they cut OT Levi Brown but then re-signed him to a more cap-friendly 5 year deal, plus they added OG Adam Snyder with a 5 year, $17.5 million contract with $5 million guaranteed). They still need a quality OT opposite Brown, and if Reiff or Martin is available at #13, I think they would take the tackle over DeCastro. Or, they could use a pass rusher on defense instead.

Anyway, the Cards pick at #13 is worth 1150 according to the trade value chart. Our first and second picks are worth 1080 (740 + 340). If we went strictly by the trade chart, we would still owe them another 70 points, which would be our 4th and 6th round picks (56 + 15.2). I love DeCastro, but I would not be willing to give up our 2nd, 4th, and 6th round picks just to move up 11 spots in the first round…that would be moving a bit to close to Mike Ditka-Ricky Williams territory. Perhaps they would be willing to forget those extra 70 points and just take our 2nd round pick (since they do not have a second round pick since they traded it to Philly in the Kevin Kolb deal), but I doubt it…after all, I’m not sure that Whis, Grimm, and the rest of Pittsburgh West will be all that thrilled to help out their former employers.

So, I would go the Cowboys themselves. Their #14 pick is worth 1100 and our 1st and 2nd round picks are worth 1080. Those 20 points (essentially a 6th round pick) are not worth squabbling over…it’s close enough that we should just be able to give them our 1st and 2nd and that’s it…if they are punks and insist on getting a 6th round pick too, our extra three 7th round comp picks soften that potential blow. But I’m moving forward thinking that 1.24 and 2.56 should be sufficient compensation for 1.14.

Why would the Cowboys do this? With 3 picks in the top 56, they could get themselves a young interior o-lineman, a young safety, and a young corner with premium picks. At #24, they might be able to get Mark Barron at safety, then get a guard like Kevin Zeitler at #45, then maybe CB Josh Robinson at #56. Or, they could get C/G Peter Konz at #24 (they could really use an improvement at center over Phil Costa…getting the top center in the draft and an extra 2nd round pick could be considered to be a coup in this regard) and then maybe cornerback Alfonzo Dennard and safety Harrison Smith in round two. Or they could get whichever CB was left in the first between Kirkpatrick, Gilmore, and Jenkins and then guard Kelechi Osemele and safety Harrison Smith again in round two. Also, they might just see a pass-rushing OLB who could play opposite DeMarcus Ware that they couldn't possibly pass up (like, say, a Whitney Mercilus or Nick Perry at #24 or a Shea McLellin or Ronnell Lewis at #45 or #56), then maybe they could trade the franchised Anthony Spencer for yet another pick.

Anyway, here is my revised draft with the straightforward Cowboys trade in effect instead of the complicated Jets trade.

Steelers' 1.24 and 2.56 for Cowboys’ 1.14

1.14 OG David DeCastro, Stanford 6-5 316
3.86 OG Brandon Brooks, Miami (OH) 6-5 346
4.119 WR Marvin McNutt, Iowa 6-3 216
5.159 NT Hebron Fangupo, BYU 6-1 323
6.193 FB Chad Diehl, Clemson 6-2 257
7.231 TE Chase Ford, Miami 6-7 255
7.240 ILB Shawn Loiseau, Merrimack 6-0 244
7.246 FS Blake Gideon, Texas 6-0 208
7.248 DE Ryan Van Bergen, Michigan 6-6 288
Priority UDFA OT Joe Long, Wayne St 6-6 308

I'll admit that I am going VERY offense-heavy here, with 5 out of my first 6 picks on that side of the ball. Considering that our offense is relatively young and our defense is aging, some may consider it to be foolhardy to use only a 5th rounder and our three 7th round comp picks on the defensive side of the ball, but that’s where I’m going nonetheless. The two guards are missing pieces which should help out our OL tremendously (DeCastro as a tremendous upgrade for us immediately, and Brooks after giving him a little bit of time to develop into a monster road-grader), McNutt gives us the big red zone target that is missing in our WR corps, Diehl gives us a true fullback that we haven’t had in short yardage and goalline situation (I don’t want to bring us back to the days of the base I-formation set, but a quality FB is still useful in certain situations, and those are the situations where our offense has been lacking of late), and Ford is a developmental pass-catching TE with size who can fill in while Saunders is suspended (plus, with Diehl at FB and Ford at #3 TE, that eliminates any need for D. Johnson whatsoever).

On the d-line, I think we can still be effective in 2012 with Keisel, Hampton, Hood, Heyward, and McLendon on the d-line with Fangupo and Van Bergen fighting for spots on the 53 man roster and the practice squad with the likes of Corbin Bryant, Al Woods, and Kade Weston. At linebacker, I think we can still be effective in 2012 with Harrison, Woodley, Worilds, and Carter outside and Timmons, Foote, Sylvester, and Loiseau battling with Mortty Ivy for a roster spot. In the secondary, I think we can still be effective in 2012 with Ike, Keenan, Cortez, and Curtis as our top 4 corners (perhaps Arizona will cut Crezdon Butler after signing William Gay) plus Troy and Clark as our starting safeties with Mundy as the primary backup and Gideon battling with Will Allen, Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith, and Myron Rolle.

I’m still hoping that we make a run at Seahawks ILB David Hawthorne to take Farrior’s spot (the later we get in free agency means that you might be able to get him for a significantly less-than-premium price. If that’s the case, then I’d actually use 6 of my 9 picks on offense, taking off Loiseau and use one of the 7th round comp picks on Jake Long’s little brother Joe (winner of the Gene Upshaw award for best offensive lineman in Divison II). Time to go change the ol' sig once again...