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Poll results: Players you love to dislike
February, 18, 2012
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By Jamison Hensley
Apparently everyone loves to dislike pass-rushers in the AFC North.

In a SportsNation poll (our Valentine's Day edition), 42 percent of voters said the Steelers' James Harrison is the player you love to dislike the most. He beat out the Ravens' Terrell Suggs, who received 32 percent in a poll that drew over 7,900 votes.

Harrison has become one the NFL's bad boys after building a reputation from big hits and big-money fines. There will always be an argument on whether Harrison is a dirty player. But there's no question that he's a player that everyone hates to go against but would love as a teammate.

Suggs embraces the villain role in the same manner as a professional wrestler. You might not be able to stand his mouth, but you have to respect how he backs up his words on the field.

Bengals owner Mike Brown came in third place in the poll with 22 percent. Browns running back Peyton Hillis was a distant fourth with 4 percent.

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At first, I thought this thread would be about Willie Colon and other Steelers that fans, and the board in particular, loves to hate.

Brady and Rivers are good choices.

I'll add any member of the Harbaugh family and Ray Lewis. I always disliked the prima donna types -- T.O. in particular (though I did appreciate the year he tore the eagles to shreds from the inside out).

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The above poll is only for the AFC North. So, I'll stick to that first...

1. Harbaugh- Whine. Whine. Whine. He isn't a player, but he is despicable.
Geez. This is hard. Can I say Harbaugh again?

For the Whole NFL....

1. Brady- Whine. Complain to refs. Have a temper tantrum.

2. Brady Quinn- Those Tebow comments were ridiculous. AND, his name is Brady.

3. Courtland Finnegan