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02-12-2012, 04:49 AM
Most of these picks were taken from Chadman's 2012 FA & Draft thread. Consider this a splintered off extension of that thread. The final paragraphs will explain.




1 Peter Konz OL Wisc 6'5 315
2 Derek Wolfe DE Cinc 6'5 305
3 Jonathan Massaquoi OLB Troy 6'2 270
4 Emmanuel Acho ILB Texas 6'2 240
5 Brandon Brooks OG Miami OH 6'5 350
6 Jarrett Boykin WR Va Tch 6'2 215
7 Nicholas Jean-Baptiste NT Baylor 6'3 335


Rd 1 - OG/NT/physical WR
Rd 2 - NT/ILB/physical WR
Rd 3 - FS/OG/NT
Rd 4 - T/OG/ILB
Rd 5 - FS/WR/T
Rd 6 - WR/OLB

Dee Dub:

1--Dont'a Hightower ILB Alabama
2--Alameda Ta'amu NT Washington
3--Lucas Nix OG Pitt
4--Marvin McNutt WR Iowa
5--Rhett Ellison TE/FB USC
6--Chris Rainey RB Florida
7--Tony Dye SS UCLA


Alshon Jeffery


Round 1: Peter Konz, C/G Wisconsin


A very versatile center/guard from Wisconsin. Really made that running game go for them this year. He can play guard and center at a pro bowl level in year one.

Round 2: Bobby Wagner, ILB Utah State


A tackling machine. Is very versatile and is going to be a stud. He showed up at the Senior Bowl yoked out at 240lbs. Can cover and play the run. A 3 down ILB'er.

Round 3: Lucas Nix, G Pittsburgh

Just looks like a Pittsburgh Steeler. Can come in and possibly win a starting guard spot in year one.

Round 4: Hebron Fangupo NT BYU

A man in the middle. He was a USC trojan, but left when it became apparent that he was not able to keep his family safe in L.A. He can come in and contribute year one. He's a run stopping beast.

Round 5: Robert Turbin RB Utah State

A 5'9" 220lb running back that can power run with the best of them. He is better than Clay and the out of shape Georgia Tech running back. Plus he's green.

Round 6: Bryan Anger P Cal


Can punt the crap out of the ball and fixes our Sepulveda problem.

Round 7: Chad Diehl FB Clemson

A true fullback. 265lbs of linebacker stuffing meat. Ha ha.

That concludes the Mock of Ages II.


24. Cordy Glenn - OG - Georgia - 6'5'' 346lbs

The Steelers could use an upgrade at OG and a lineman like Cordy Glenn fits the mold for their offensive line. In 2010 the Steelers were able to land Maurkice Pouncey to be their franchise C, and now they add another talented interior lineman to team up with Pouncey for the future. Cordy Glenn is a mammoth interior lineman that has great natural athleticism and anchor strength. He more than held his own at LT at the Senior Bowl, showing scouts that he could also play RT in the NFL. The Steelers are an elite team when they can protect Big Ben and run the ball effectively, so look for them to continue to invest in their O-line and a talent like Cordy Glenn will add stability to their interior Oline.

http://www.footballdraftnotebook.com/Mo ... t%202.html

Info on Glenn and link courtesy of hawaiiansteel

Dee Dub said: "Big Rob, out of all these guys what one player if any has the chance to come in on year one and start for the Steelers?"

Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State
Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois
Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers
Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska
Dontari Poe NT Memphis
Mark Barron SS Alabama
Brandon Thompson DT Clemson
Zach Brown OLB North Carolina
Donta' Hightower LB Alabama

Okay, that's it for now. I went back a couple pages and listed most of the players being mentioned on the board.

After the combine I will compile the finalized data on these players. Probably will also include posters sleeper and undervalued picks too, plus the players that visit the Steelers and players rumored to have been visited by the Steelers etc.

This info will include the overall ranking of each player by about 5-6 of the top rating services. The results of the players performance at the combine or pro day in the vertical leap, the broadjump and the benchpress will also be included.

This should help in making the final draft selections. Since I don't have any idea who any of these players are this will keep me occupied some until OTA's and TC. :) :)

02-12-2012, 10:31 AM
Early rankings: Most of the services do not have their 100, 200 or more players overall ranking compiled yet but a couple do. nfldraftscout.com [listed on cbs.com also] is one. This is where they have the players ranked. I found a couple others that had a 100 or so ranked also. I suppose it would not hurt to take a look at these early rankings: Ordainarily it would look something like this.

pos college---------------------------NFLDS------GBN-----etc. ----KEI
Players Name
ht wt 40time

But for now to simplify after the players name the numbers given are the ranking of nfldraftscout, great northern blue and a new site called sideline scouting. If a player is not listed an x will be there. [This is why after the combine I can use Scout.com or Fox since they rank just about everyone.]

1. NT DONTARI POE 5/28 31 28 [For nflds the position rank is also given]
2. ILB AUDIE COLE 4/115 116 83

4. OLB SHEA MCLELLIN 9/64 164 x [overall ranking 64 pos rk 9? There must be a gazillion OLB/s in this draft oh oh lookout here comes 2-3more :D ]

5. OT MATT REYNOLDS 14/166 87 89 [nflds ranking is surprising]
6. DE TAYLOR THOMPSON 21/287 x x [coincidentally both GBN and SS rank him 32]
7. WR TRAVIS BENJAMIN 47/408 x x [no team should be without at least one Travis] GBN ranks him at 39 SS at 45. It is tough to find info on lower ranked players but these are the ones that make a teams draft]


1 Peter Konz OL Wisc 6'5 315 1/21 24 21
2 Derek Wolfe DE Cinc 6'5 305 17/199 161 x [ss rk 15 close to nflds pos rk]
3 Jonathan Massaquoi OLB Troy 6'2 270 8/61 78 60
4 Emmanuel Acho ILB Texas 6'2 240 18/167 139 x [ Acho's ranking at nflds is at OLB but ILB is a 2nd pos] He is ranked as an ILB on SS at 16.
5 Brandon Brooks OG Miami OH 6'5 350 8/103 137 x [he is the 11th rk OG at SS]
6 Jarrett Boykin WR Va Tch 6'2 215 34/301 x x [37th WR at GBN 34th at SS]
7 Nicholas Jean-Baptiste NT Baylor 6'3 335 20/246 x x [GBN 33 SS 25] He is ranked as a DT but he sounds like a sleeper. Has the size for a NT. Just sounds like he has to be better than Rasheen?? Harris was.

These rankings might give some insight into how these players can be picked up at value. Not sure. Try to get to some more later. What I am surprised at is that most of the rankings are pretty close.