View Full Version : The 20 angriest sports figures

02-02-2012, 12:12 AM
Listed #1 is none other than James Harrison. From USA Today.

James Harrison

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is probably a nice enough guy off the football field, but when he dons his helmet, you best keep your distance.

HARDEST HIT: On Oct. 17, 2010, Harrison knocked out two Cleveland Browns players in one game.

http://mediagallery.usatoday.com/The+20 ... ures/G3296 (http://mediagallery.usatoday.com/The+20+angriest+sports+figures/G3296)

Im not sure if they are in any sort of order, but Bobby Knight is listed as 20th and John McEnroe 19th. Mike Tyson is 13th with Tonya Harding at #5. In the end who cares........