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01-07-2012, 07:02 PM
Let's work backward...

In the AFC, what does the NFL want?

1. They've created rules to bring in the passing era. They want high scoring NBA like games now. ie. they want Tom Brady in the SuperBowl
2. They want Pittsburgh / Baltimore in the playoffs for the ratings, but not in the AFCC because they want to market the finesse game, so they must meet in the second round.
3. They want Pittsburgh to play NE in the AFCC for 2 reasons. 1. Big Ben's the other marketable QB in the NFL, so they can hype the game. 2. They want to show the modern era passing game beating the #1 D.

So this means:

Cincy and Pitt win this week
Pitt and NE win next week
NE goes to the SB

In the NFC, it's not so cut and dry. But it seems the NFL hype machine is riding high on Drew Brees and they probably want a NO vs GB NFCC.

So with NO winning this week, the Giants/Atlanta game is insignificant really. Either can go to GB. GB probably has a bigger edge over Atlanta, so it would be safe for the NFL to let them win. But Eli's hot and one of the premiere NFL passers now, so the Rodgers/Eeli matchup is the better sell for the NFL and where the game's going.

So this means:
NO and NYG win this week
NO and GB win next week
NO goes to the SB

Now where I'm not sure is who the NFL wants to win the SB.

If NE wins their 4th SB, it f's Pittsburgh and our 4 SBs in the 70s - great for Goodell. But the cheating scandal makes me think the NFL would prefer to hype Drew Brees.

In the end, I think Drew Brees makes more sense for the NFL. Brees breaks Marino's record and winning the SB ushers in the modern era.

Now one thing I do know - James Harrison might not pee on Goodell if he was on fire, but he'll sure want to pee on the NFL's conspiracy theory.

01-07-2012, 07:21 PM
Wow, cant believe I actually read half this :lol: :lol:

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Texans are winning 31-10 in the 4th. Conspiracy busted.

01-07-2012, 08:42 PM
Texans are winning 31-10 in the 4th. Conspiracy busted.

That's why I called it a conspiracy theory. Those are never right.

I'm hoping the Texans destroy Baltimore next week. And I think they matchup perfectly. And I think Yates might be the better QB and give them a slight edge.