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12-11-2011, 01:59 PM
Last week Troy Polomalu gets hit in the head and the Steelers keep him out of the rest of the game with "concussion like symptoms". The explanation was that Tomlin is not a doctor so he can't diagnose the situation, but they will run tests later in the week to determine what happened.

PFT puts out a scathing story about how the Steelers are cheating the system and hiding behind the term "concussion like symptoms" instead of using the word concussion, but he fails to explain how this is actually helpful to the team since the players still have to undergo tests to return to the field the next week.

This past Thursday Colt McCoy gets hit in the head. He returns a couple of plays later despite not remembering the hit. Florio was outraged by the Steelers because of semantics. They still removed the player but didn't word the reasoning to his liking. Iwould think that the comparitive approach to a coach who returned his player to the game would be demanding his suspension. Funny though, I've yet to see that article.

Bottom line is.......Florio is a douche with a very blatant anti-Steelers agenda.

12-11-2011, 04:26 PM
Report: McCoy situation could lead to independent neurologists at games

Posted by Mike Florio on December 11, 2011


As anyone who frequents this site on a semi-regular basis knows, we firmly believe that the NFL needs to dramatically improve the procedures for determining whether a player has suffered a concussion or, as the case may be, concussion-like symptoms.

I was disappointed to hear Jason La Canfora of the league-owned TV channel predict that the inexplicable ability of Browns quarterback Colt McCoy to re-enter Thursday night’s game two plays after being blown up by Steelers linebacker James Harrison won’t be a “watershed” moment for the league when it comes to concussions. Roughly an hour later, I was encouraged to hear Chris Mortensen of ESPN predict that the McCoy case could be the catalyst for the league finally deciding to require the presence of independent neurologists at games.

Although Browns coach Pat Shurmur has insisted that the appropriate tests were given to McCoy before he was cleared to return (even though the Browns declined to identify for us the tests that were administered), Mort reports that the Browns did not conduct the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool 2 (also known as “SCAT-2?) before clearing McCoy to return.

That’s a major problem.

And so, while we’re told that the league office accepts the Browns’ explanation that McCoy was showing no symptoms of a concussion during the game, Mort said that the NFLPA is describing the situation as a “blatant system failure” by the Browns.

In other words, this one isn’t going away any time soon.

Finally, to those who keep pointing out that the Browns properly used the concussion protocol to remove two other players from Thursday night’s game, a batting average of .667 isn’t acceptable when it comes to ensuring that players who have suffered concussions are protected against suffering a second one in the same game.

http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... -at-games/ (http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/12/11/report-mccoy-situation-could-lead-to-independent-neurologists-at-games/)

12-12-2011, 10:50 AM
That is an article about how the system must change and different protocols should be put into place. This is nothing near the outrage that this douche had when the Steelers actually pulled and kept a player out of the game.

The Browns put a player back into the game who suffered a concussion and could not even remember the play in which it happened. The kid's father came out and blasted his own team. Here is a "journalist" with a very recent history of standing up for people who get hit in the head just because the term concussion isn't used....and barely a comment on how badly the Browns handled this situation. Shurmur should be fined or suspended for putting McCoy back in.

12-12-2011, 06:25 PM
Not only is PFT a biased pile of dog sheet but the site itself is a hideous piece of maure. How or why anyone follows a little douche like Florist-O is beyond me. One look at the guy and you know he never played the game and if he did he obviously took his share of McCoy's :wink: