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11-15-2011, 05:02 PM
Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 11.15.11


Ed Bouchette: Good afternoon, Welcome to the Bye Chat. Sorry, Off Week Chat. Let's begin

Im not JAMES_TAIWAN: Ed: what's Troy's explantion for his "non comital" defense in the long TD pass at the endzone? Troy acted like he was hypnotised.

Ed Bouchette: That was in my story Monday. He admitted to not being aggressive enough. To me, he wasn't aggressive at all. It looked as though he admired it. He looked more like that wax figyure of himself in the museum.

Hines The Man: You mean to tell me that Bruce Arians can't design 3-4 plays a game to get the ball to Hines so that he can reach the 1000 Reception mark? Don't you think that for all this guy has done for the Steelers, they owe it to him to do this. Anyone who says it would hurt the Steelers or cost them a game to do that is ridiculous. Instead of run plays, they could call screens to Hines. It would be very classless for the Steelers to let him finish his career this way.

Ed Bouchette: I think they owe it to him, his teammates, ownership and fans to do whatever they believe is necessary to win games.

kjacksonpgh: HI Ed have you heard anything about the Steelers Chiefs game being moved from prime time to a 1:00PM game?

Ed Bouchette: you really need to start reading some newspapers. That game will not be moved.

Diamond: What is the status of LaMarr Woodley and Emmanuel Sanders? Will the make if back after the bye week?

Ed Bouchette: They will determine Woodley's status as the week goes along. I would not expect Sanders to be ready.

James_Costa Rica: Any reason the Steelers won't be in the Super Bowl in February? It doesn't seem that the play of any other team is begging for them to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Ed Bouchette: No? Have you seen Baltimore? And please do not count out New England or the Jets, and maybe even San Diego. I would say Houston too but losing their QB won't help.

trinisteel: What about the report of Ben's broken thumb??

Ed Bouchette: You me my report? He told me he refractued it but expects to play and to be fine. It's not the first time he's played with a bum thumb.

kjacksonpgh: Ed Do you believe that our defense at the end of games will improve when Woodley returns to the line up?

Ed Bouchette: It better. They're not paying him all that money because they think he's average. I don't care about the standard, Jason Worilds is no LaMarr Woodley.

pony boy: Has or will Hines talk to you media folks today? this situation is making me nervous and I'd love him to say something to address it.

Ed Bouchette: Yes, we talked, and he said what I expected him to say, that he will do what's in his power to help the team win when he's called upon and he will continue to help the young receivers.

Ralph: How would you rate Ziggy Hood's play this year?

Ed Bouchette: He has tailed off after a good start.

Dallas BlackNGold: When is Hoke coming back to the lineup? Do you think he is actually better than Hampton at NT at this point in their careers?

Ed Bouchette: Steve McLendon has surpassed Hoke.

BurnInHellSandusky: Ed, In normal Pittsburgh form, the game comes down to late 4Q. It is disheartening seeing the Pats and Packers pile up points on opponents as if it is nothing and have the game in check by halftime. Whereas we Steeler fans almost heart attacks weekly.

Ed Bouchette: You think Pats fans had any heart palpatations a few weeks ago when they played in Heinz Field?

Phebs: any connection to Bens fracture and the glove you reported about pre game that he was going to wear on his right hand?

Ed Bouchette: I asked him about that today and he said, no, that his thumb was fine until he hurt it in the game.

Jim: Has Heyward been worth the round one draft pick so far?

Ed Bouchette: Way too early to tell but I was surprised they did not use him at all on defense Sunday.

mike: Ed, i have the ravens down as losing at least 2 more games this year....you think the steelers can go 5-1 in their last 6?

Ed Bouchette: yes, that is what I wrote on my Slog this morning. I believe they will go 5-1 the rest of the way, especially now that Cassel is out in KC.

Emperor Chaz: Anyone this year having 1st team All Pro years? Ike?

Ed Bouchette: Mike Wallace. Ben (but he won't get it).

JamesinNYC: How would you rank the DL guys this year?

Ed Bouchette: Below past standards, which is why teams have had a little better time running on them.

ChicoSteelersFan: at what point in the game did Ben hurt the thumb?

Ed Bouchette: Third quarter but he does not remember how.

Mike: Hi Ed enjoy your work, do you think Ben should keep quiet about his injuries?

Ed Bouchette: He's never been one to do that and I don't think that's hurt him to this point.

Oh Hey Jay: I know it's not worth what he's getting paid and I'm sure he'll be gone after the season, but I've been impressed with McFadden on special teams. Is he our best special team coverage guy? If not, who is?

Ed Bouchette: He has done well on special teams and has four solo tackles, tied for sixth and he has not played on them as much as others.

JamesinNYC: Ben is one tough cookie. Guess the off week was well timed.

Ed Bouchette: yes, and that is what he said today.

Okiesteelerfan: What's the line on the KC game now that Cassel is out?

Ed Bouchette: I'd guess Steelers by 6. Let's see next week.

Wiz: After watching the Bengals and Ravens in person last two weeks, who do you like this Sunday?

Ed Bouchette: Baltimore, easy.

JamesH: Saunders is getting a lot of snaps as number 3 TE. Does he surpass Johnson next season for the number 2 spot?

Ed Bouchette: They really like DJ and he also plays a lttle bit different role, lining up in the backfield too.

fish: I take it with the 5-1, we lose to the 49ers?

Ed Bouchette: I picked them to lose at San Francisco before the season started and I'm not changing now.

mike: late in 2001 or 2002 they made a big push in the last game to get plex or hines over 1000 yards to become the first tandem in team history to do so....can you see them doing something like this in game 16 if hines is close to a number of records?

Ed Bouchette: It depends on the team situation. If that game means nothing? Yes.

Needle Ned Reyerson: Pouncey not having a Pro Bowl year?

Ed Bouchette: He's playing well. The question was not Pro Bowl but first-team All-Pro.

Im not JAMES_TAIWAN: Ed: Indy WINLESS. what's their excuse for NOT developing a quality BACK UP QB IN indy?

Ed Bouchette: They have never had one in Indy that I can recall.

JerseySteel: Ed, what team(s) in the NFL do you believe has the best chance of beating the Packers?

Ed Bouchette: They look unbeatable, don't they. The Bears, the Patriots, the Steelers, maybe the Saints if they ever get their act together.

Steeler Fan Trapped in AT: ED How shocked were you that the Ravens lost to the Seahawks. Then how excited were you about the Steelers being in first?

Ed Bouchette: I predicted it, so I was not shocked. Tell me who is in first after game 16.

Free Tank Carter: re: Hines' 1,000 catches - Do playoff games not count toward stats?

Ed Bouchette: No, they do not.

ChicoSteelersFan: so Ed obviously the steelers are a passing offense now. After watching green bay last night and this season, they have a pedal to the floor approach, like New England did in '07 and some other teams. My question is why dont the steelers take their passing offense all the way and start trying to destroy teams? they have the QB and personnel to do it...agree?

Ed Bouchette: They were on their way to maybe just that against Cincinnati. Then heath Miller bobbled the ball and Miller was called for holding on another TD and Troy Polamalu gave it his best wax museum look and it got away from them. You also don't have to destroy teamsin this league.The Steelers 24-17 win counted just as much as Green Bay's 45-7 win.

Guest: Ed if we met the Texans down the road in the playoffs can we stop their running attack?

Ed Bouchette: A good question. They did not in Houston, but without a passing threat, it would likely make a difference.

Ed Bouchette: Thank you all for your good bye questions. Good bye until next Tuesday.

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Ed: Let There be no Doubt, Steelers a Passing Offense


Good morning,

The Steelers are running the ball 40.4 percent of the time, the lowest rate in their history if they maintain that rate the rest of the season. That brings us to a question: Has this now become a pass-dominant offense? Statistifcally, that's obvious since they are passing nearly 60 percent of the time (that includes the 31 sacks of Ben Roethlisberger).

When the NFL introduced dramatic rules to favor the offense in 1978, much was made of Chuck Noll's ability to adjust from a run-dominated offense to one that took advantage of the new rules and leaned on Terry Bradshaw, John Stallworth, Lynn Swann, Bennie Cunningham and his passing game.

Let's take a look at that. In 1976, they ran 68.2 percent of the time. Part of that had to do with the fact Terry Bradshaw was hurt for a good portion of that season and they leaned on Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier, each of whom topped 1,000 yards rushing that year, and let their defense win games.

In 1977, they ran it 61.2 percent. In 1978, the year of the rules changes, they still ran it 61.3 percent. And in 1979, the last year of the Super Bowl dynasty, they ran 51.9 percent. So it would appear that it took Noll and the Steelers one year to adjust to the rules before they decided to open things up. In 1978, the Steelers passed for 2,961 yards. The following season, that jumped to 3,877.

That was a dramatic change and it worked, at least for that one season before everyone got old quickly.

So, why not now? The Steelers are merely a) taking advantage of ever more rules that have been passed through the years to aid the passing game and b) leaning on their strengths.

There has long been a myth that you need to run the ball late in the season when the weather turns cold and it becomes more difficult to pass, especially in northern climates. That's not the case, and Green Bay is proving that in the modern game. But it also was not necessarily the case years ago either.

Take a look at the famous Ice Bowl game, Dallas at Green Bay for the NFL championship on Dec. 31, 1967. Temperature: Minus 15. Wind chill: Minus 48. Passing yards vs. run yards: Green Bay 115-80, Dallas 192-92.

Not a lot of yards there in total, but more passing than running. And that was long before any new rules to help the passing game.

So let there be no mystery left: The Steelers have become a passing offense, and you can and do win championships that way.

Onto some stuff as I head into my time off during this off weekend:

-- The Steelers best three offensive linemen are all Florida Gators -- Maurkice Pouncy, Max Starks and Marcus Gilbert. Maybe the Steelers should set up a satellite scouting office in Gainesville.

-- Shaun Suisham has made 9 of his last 10 field goal attempts after starting out 7 of 11.

-- YOU: Ed, Would a reporter ask Tomlin why he or Arians did not have a talk with Ward? Or would that be crossing "the line"? Is the bye week preventing this from becoming a national story? My biggest question is Hines level of play fallen off to the point of him no longer able to get separation on his routes on a consitant basis? When E. Sanders is healthy will Ward be inactive as the 5th WR? Hopefully, it has more to do with him being a little banged up.Great article, as always.

ME: I would ask either man when I got a chance to do so other than at the Mike Tomlin press conference. That to me is nothing more than a show and I am reserved in my questions normally at that thing for many reasons, not the least of which everyone else in the world gets the answer to my questions. That doesn't mean I won't ask the occasional question because I do. I think Sanders will pass him up although he will dress, as they always dress five. He's slowing down and they believe the others are getting open more or, obviously, they would not have made this move.

-- YOU: Hi Ed, Great article on Ward. Any chance the coaches did have that talk with Ward like before the season even started? As good and respected as you are, do you think that meeting stayed "behind closed doors" and you were kept out of the loop? Your thoughts?

ME: Ward told me they did not talk to him. I have to believe him because he would have no reason to say it otherwise.

-- YOU: I can never understand why Mike and Bruce use the empty backfield set. Aren't they just telling the defense that they are going to pass? Can you please lend some insight to this? It isn't that they only do it once or twice, they usually do it multiple times during a game, I just don't get it!

ME: I don't get it either. I'd always have someone in the backfield, even if I send him out on a pass route. But they aren't the only one who uses that formation, many offenses do. The theory is, if you put everyone near the line, they get into the pass route quicker and someone of the five has to be open.

-- YOU: Do you think the Steelers right now are significantly better than when they played the Texans? I ask because, crazy as it sounds, the Texans might be the best team in the AFC, and they will only get better when Andre Johnson gets back.

ME: Yes, I believe they are better, especially in the offensive line. You sent me this question before we found out about Matt Schaub's injury. I believe the Texans will fade without their quarterback.

-- YOU: This is probably one of the dumber questions I've asked but do you think the Steelers will limit running plays to the left side to limit the impact of handing off with the right hand for the sake of Ben's right thumb? I know if they want to run to that side they can always to counter plays.

ME: Handing off should not be a problem.

-- YOU: What is it about Ward that has dropped him down on the depth chart? He never did have a lot of speed, but has he gotten even slower? Ward said earlier this year that he's open but he just wasn't getting the looks from Ben. I realize A. Brown is playing well, but I'm surprised Ward dropped below Cotchery. What's your take?

ME: They just believe Cotchery is better at this point, and their offense is better with him in there.

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-- YOU: Hi Ed, Great article on Ward. Any chance the coaches did have that talk with Ward like before the season even started? As good and respected as you are, do you think that meeting stayed "behind closed doors" and you were kept out of the loop? Your thoughts?

ME: Ward told me they did not talk to him. I have to believe him because he would have no reason to say it otherwise.

I, for one, thought Bouchette's article about Ward was way off base. Ward himself said the Steelers did not owe him an explanation for his reduced playing time, so I don't understand what the big deal is. Hes a competitor, if someone is playing better (which is clearly the case), he has to expect this.

On the flip side, what if Tomlin and the coaching staff didn't make this decision until game time? Cotchery's touchdown catch might have had a significant impact in that decision.