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Steelers week begins

Nov 7, 2011 | Written by jreedy


Domata Peko on Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers: “We hate them and they hate us."

Marvin Lewis gave the players the day off following Sunday’s 24-17 win over Tennessee, but a lot of the Bengals were still in the locker room getting a jump on film study in preparation for this week’s game against the Steelers.

Defensive tackle Domata Peko summed up the upcoming week, like this: “We hate them and they hate us. Everywhere I go even the chefs in the restaurants are like ‘just beat Pittsburgh.’ It’s just that rivalry. Nothing like going up against your rival and getting at it.”

The Bengals also find themselves in unfamiliar territory as they are tied with the Ravens for best record in the conference at 6-2. If the playoffs began today though, the Bengals would be the top seed based on a better record against common opponents. Pittsburgh is a half-game back at 6-3. However the Steelers would still qualify as the final wild card.

While many are trying to figure out how many wins it might take for the Bengals to make the playoffs, that is the least of the player’s concerns.

“You feel good that you’ve done something to earn yourself an opportunity to make the playoffs. But like I said, every game from here on out counts,” offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth said. “It’s nothing to pat yourself on the back about. It’s more about being proud of what you did, but moving on and realizing, ‘Man, if I keep putting in the work, keep executing and we keep playing as a team, we have a chance to reach some goals we have.’ If we continue to do those things, we’ll reach ‘em.”

In injury news, head coach Marvin Lewis said that linebacker Rey Maualuga (ankle), cornerback Adam Jones (hamstring) and tight end Jermaine Gresham (hamstring) are expected to return to practice on Wednesday. Defensive end Carlos Dunlap (hamstring) said that he was feeling better but still might be day-to-day.

http://cincinnati.com/blogs/bengals/201 ... r-bengals/ (http://cincinnati.com/blogs/bengals/2011/11/07/steelers-week-begins-for-bengals/)

Steel Life
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Hey guys...look! The Bengals are trying "Ravenize" our "rivalry" with them - how cute. :evil:

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“We hate them and they couldn't care less about our sorry striped asses...they are too busy hating actual big-boy NFL teams to worry about perennial laughingstocks like us, who have a fluke decent season once or twice per decade, if we're lucky."

Fixed that for you.


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“We hate them and they couldn't care less about our sorry striped asses...they are too busy hating actual big-boy NFL teams to worry about perennial laughingstocks like us, who have a fluke decent season once or twice per decade, if we're lucky."

Fixed that for you.


Let me fix that again

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The Bengals also find themselves in unfamiliar territory

That portion of the articel sums it up.

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Steelers have lots of work to do in AFC North

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


In a corner of a hushed locker room, Antonio Brown took no consolation in the stat line — five catches for 109 yards — that continues to affirm his emergence as a big-play wide receiver.

"Forget stats. It's about wins," the second-year man said following the Steelers' 23-20 come-from-ahead loss to the Ravens on Sunday night. "We're 0-2 in this division, and that's not where we want to be."

The Steelers ceded control of the AFC North to the Ravens — they now have one less loss and own the head-to-head tiebreaker — after stumbling in the waning minutes at Heinz Field.

They will need help if they are to win a fourth division title in five years under coach Mike Tomlin, and they probably won't get much of it from Baltimore.

For all that is made about the Steelers' favorable schedule, their seven remaining opponents have a combined winning percentage of .536. The Ravens' eight remaining opponents have won at a .477 clip.

What might make the Ravens tougher to catch is an intangible: The galvanizing effect of overcoming a 21-point deficit against the Arizona Cardinals, and a week later, rallying in the final minutes to beat the Steelers.

"I think we'll get the respect from our defense now," Ravens running back Ray Rice said Sunday. "They've been carrying us. We're happy to do things like this. It builds team camaraderie. There's no other way to do it."

There are still plenty of reasons for the Steelers to be optimistic, even with the Ravens holding a significant advantage in the division.

Ben Roethlisberger is playing well. The defense is back to snuffing out the run. And you have to think the Steelers have weathered their streak of injuries.

So the Steelers will stay focused, with all eyes on the surprising Bengals — Cincinnati is 6-2 and has yet to play the Steelers or Ravens — this week, even though there was a strong sense in the Steelers' locker room late Sunday that they will see Baltimore again this season.


Andy Dalton — Bengals QB

The unflappable rookie has led the Bengals to their first five-game winning streak in 23 years. Dalton, a second-round pick out of TCU, has a better passer rating (85.0) than Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers and Joe Flacco. He threw three touchdown passes this past Sunday, rallying the Bengals past the Tennessee Titans.

A.J. Green — Bengals WR

The Bengals look like they found another keeper in Green, the fourth pick overall in the 2011 draft. The former Georgia star has 40 catches for 599 yards and five touchdowns. Fifteen of Green's catches have covered at least 20 yards.

Ben Roethlisberger — Steelers QB

Roethlisberger is 10-4 lifetime against the Bengals, but in the four losses he has thrown four touchdown passes and eight interceptions. Roethlisberger, who has thrown for more than 300 yards in three consecutive games, has lost just twice in his native Ohio; both defeats were in 2009.


With quarterback and Homestead native Charlie Batch:

You can have dinner with three people, past or present. Who is sitting at your table?

"Bill Gates, Oprah (Winfrey) and Mark Zuckerberg. You have those two guys that changed the game from a technology standpoint. Oprah, just her mind. I would love to pick her brain a little bit about how she's transformed the television world."

How do you balance your community service with your day job?

"I've been doing it for years, and I've spoken to the organization about it and let them know, 'Hey, here's what I've been doing.' So, they're not caught off guard and they trust me enough to know if it's affecting me or taking me away from something. I know when my body tells me it's time to shut it down."

What do you do when you actually get free time?

"Relax, and I'm on my computer seeing what else is going on in the world. I don't really go on Facebook and Twitter as much, but there's times when I'll sit back and say 'OK, let me sit down and have my own chat.' "


2 — Touchdown catches by Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson in the past two games

3 — Touchdown catches Simpson, a second-round pick in 2008, made in his first 19 NFL games

4 — Cincinnati's NFL rank in scoring defense (17.5 points allowed per game)

13 — Total points the Steelers have allowed in the first quarter of their last past games

37.5 — Percentage of third-down conversions that Steelers had allowed prior to the Ravens converting 14 of 21 on Sunday at Heinz Field

84.5 — Rushing yards the Bengals are yielding per game, the second fewest in the NFL


"That's just the way football is now. You know referees are going to err on the side of caution. He really didn't give an explanation that I was comfortable with or that I can accept, but it was his call. If you hit a guy hard, more than likely, you're going to get flagged now." — Free safety Ryan Clark, on the unnecessary roughness penalty he received for a hit on Ravens tight end Ed Dickson late in the first half of Sunday's 23-20 loss.

"This is the toughest place in the world to win. That says something about our team, and that definitely said something about our quarterback. They are still the defending AFC champs. They're still the team to beat. If we play Raven football throughout (the rest of the season), when we see them again, it'll be in our house." — Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, on his team's rally Sunday at Heinz Field.

"Me and Foote don't get along. It's always my fault when I can't hear him, but that's how we play. He can say something, but he's real sensitive. You can't say nothing to him. We stay fussy, but we're great friends." — Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton, on inside linebacker Larry Foote setting the defense when he subs for James Farrior

http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsbu ... z1d8yLwagV (http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/steelers/s_766123.html#ixzz1d8yLwagV)

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Ya, in the same way the Patriots hate the Dolphins....oh wait....

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Coach Lewis finally makes Bengals his team

Friday, November 11, 2011


CINCINNATI — Ordinarily, an NFL coach with only two winning seasons in eight years finds himself maneuvering a slippery slope when trying to maintain his job.

At the close of last season, Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis appeared a shoo-in to land in the unemployment line. After all, the Bengals were a woeful 4-12, which included a 10-game losing streak.

The Bengals, though, insisted they weren't nearly as bad as the double-digit defeats. And they were competitive, losing 10 games by a touchdown or less, including a 13-7 setback to Baltimore in the season finale.

Still, time seemed to have run out on an embattled Lewis. He had survived the wrath of the Bengals' frustrated fans and stretched the patience of a front office often criticized for its seemingly cavalier acceptance of defeat.

Clearly, Lewis lacked the leverage to negotiate with owner Mike Brown in his efforts to remain with the organization. However, Brown had padded Lewis' hands the year before when he offered a contract extension after the Bengals won the AFC North, sweeping the Steelers as part of a 10-6 season. Cincinnati lost to the New York Jets in a divisional playoff game, but Lewis was named Coach of the Year.

Despite last season's regression, Lewis was in the inexplicable, yet enviable position of dictating the terms of a contract extension, in part, because he delivered the franchise's only two winning seasons in 20 years.

"I told the team after the last game that we lost to Baltimore that if I was back this season — and if they were back -- there would be a new look to the football team," Lewis said before practice Wednesday.

Brown conceded on many of Lewis' demands before agreeing on a pact that expanded Lewis' influence on how the front office functions. He would be tasked with selecting assistant coaches and revising a largely ineffective scouting system.

Also, Lewis wanted a covered practice field. When ownership publicly rejected his suggestions, Lewis willingly played out the string, a tactical risk he figured worth taking.

Lewis, a McDonald native and former Steelers assistant coach, received most everything he wanted — except a new practice facility. Now, the burden of success rests almost exclusively with Lewis.

"At the end of last season, our players were looking for answers," said Lewis, whose deal makes him the longest-tenured coach in team history. "It's my job to give them those answers and give them direction.

"We've been able to put things in place and get better talent-wise. It's been helpful all the way around."

So far, the Bengals have responded with Lewis having more control and influence on a team that has spent the better part of the past three decades trying to shovel itself out of a deep hole of bad luck, bad draft choices and bad management decisions.

"Coach Lewis is excited once again," center Kyle Cook said. "He's a got a young group that's listening to what he's saying, and it works. In a way, he's got the clay he can mold."


The Bengals are 6-2 and perched atop the AFC North along with Baltimore. They are a half-game ahead of the Steelers, who are looking to atone for a disappointing 23-20 loss to the Ravens, when they face Cincinnati on Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium.

"It's a totally different atmosphere around here," Offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth said. "It almost seems like a totally different place.

"I think we have a new attitude, and we're having fun. I think it makes Marvin a little nervous that we're having so much fun. I enjoy this locker room more than I ever have."

The Bengals rid themselves of distractions and detractors when they grudgingly parted ways with quarterback Carson Palmer and former Pro Bowl receiver Chad Ochocinco. In doing so, Lewis handed the reins of a skittish offense to rookie quarterback Andy Dalton.

"There was some uncertainty with the offseason turmoil," Steelers safety Ryan Clark said. "Once they got (Carson) Palmer and (Chad) Ochocinco out, it became Marvin Lewis' team."


Lewis does seem more at ease. But he is more demanding. As a result, he isn't particularly thrilled with his team's position in the standings. He had loftier expectations.

"Actually, I expected us to be 8-0," Lewis said. "So, we're not as good as I expected us to be.

"We're still not a team that's very good. We're trying to get better, but I expect us to find ways to win."

The Bengals, who haven't won a playoff game since 1990, were in position to win several more games last season only to falter down the stretch. But after falling behind, 17-7, to Tennessee at halftime last Sunday, the Bengals earned a come-from-behind 24-17 victory.

"Coach Lewis has worked with what he's had," offensive tackle Bobbie Williams said. "Not all years have been good. We swept the division two years ago, but last year, we hit a rough patch

"(Lewis) is a coach who likes to see his veterans take charge of the locker room. We've got a lot of veterans who are leading the young guys in the right way, and that explains why they are contributing."


The Bengals have gotten more than expected out of their two prized rookies — Dalton and wide receiver A.J. Green. Dalton, tutored by first-year offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, has 12 touchdown passes and only seven interceptions, while Green leads all rookies with 40 catches and five touchdowns.

"We knew Dalton wasn't going to be your typical rookie," Cook said. "We knew we could rely on him, because the coaching staff believes in him."

Suddenly, Cincinnati is winning the close games that slipped away last season. They have won five in a row since a 13-8 loss to a resurgent San Francisco.

More importantly, the Bengals are a confident team. They are anxious to prove to the Steelers that their 6-2 record isn't a fluke.

"We're not going to get too wired about this game," Williams said. "Pittsburgh is coming into the jungle, so they are the ones who need to be nervous."


Coach: Marvin Lewis

Hometown: McDonald

Coaching experience: Former assistant with at Pitt (1990-91) and linebackers coach with Steelers ('92-'95)... before becoming defensive coordinator of the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens in 2001...defensive coordinator with Redskins then took job with Bengals in 2003...2009 NFL Coach of the Year.


2 — The Bengals have had only two winning seasons the past 20 years, both with Lewis.

662 — Most wins in franchise history.

712 — Lewis has more losses than in Bengals coach in history.

6-22 — Lewis' record vs. Mike Tomlin

http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsbu ... z1dNGEiOdJ (http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/steelers/s_766727.html#ixzz1dNGEiOdJ)