View Full Version : A Couple of Big Time QB's Going Head to Head Tomorrow...

Dee Dub
10-28-2011, 06:11 PM
...and you thought I was talking about Luck versus Barkley. :P Yeah, them too, but I am really intrigued by Baylor versus Oklahoma State. Robert Griffin III versus Brandon Weeden. What Robert Griffin has done is out of this world. As far as a passer is concerned, I think he is the best pure passer in college. Andrew Luck has all the tools but RG3 is off the charts passing wise. 78% completion percentage with 22 TD's to only 2 picks. And Brandon Weeden aint no slouch.

Also in this game if you are interested take a look at OSU free safety, Markelle Martin (#10). I have read that he may clock a sub 4.4 40. He is a big time hitter who has great instincts and is pretty good in coverage.

Markelle Martin could possibly be a Steeler target in the 2012 draft.

Another Steeler target could be OSU's OT Levi Adcock who may be a low first rounder or a high second round pick.