View Full Version : It's not just in football that defense is dissed ...

10-28-2011, 03:18 PM
All those football rules to help the offense and hinder the defense have resulted in the game becoming nauseatingly one sided. Just watch any clip on youtube that shows any defensive play - if it's from more than 2 or 3 years ago, it probably shows what is now considered an illegal play. "Defenseless receiver" - give me a friggin' break!!

And now, last night's 6th game of the World Series is being hailed as one of the "best World Series games ever played". Yes, it was a game where the outcome was in doubt for 4 or 5 of the last innings, and that does carry with it a certain level of excitement. But all that was almost entirely the result of multiple defensive errors that prolonged the game - mental errors, dropped fly balls in the infield and the outfield, and bobbled balls that should have gone for easy outs. Oh, and don't forget the atrocious pitching. From a defensive point of view it was a fiasco - and still it's a "game for the ages"??? I call BS!!

But, still the spundits like to call it "classic, one of the best ever" because of all the runs scored. Apparently true sports fans can't appreciate the subtelties of a good defensive performance, our Lilliputian attention spans can only be held with the likes of: 3 point plays and dunks in basketball; rainbow passes in football (made possible only because of rules that hamstring the defense); and runs scored because of hands of stone in the infield and outfield, along with gosh-awful pitching.

My favorite teams are defense-minded - Men of Steel of course, but also the San Antonio Spurs, which perhaps not coincidentally share the fate of the Steelers of being one of the most defensive-oriented teams and one of the most dissed teams in their respective league.

Oh, well, maybe I'll go out and buy a Mark McGwire or Tom Brady jersey - gotta love their offensive performance, we'll just sort of agree not to talk about the cheating.

There! I feel so much better after that rant!!