View Full Version : Redundant Thoughts 2011 Week 6 - Jaguars

10-19-2011, 10:13 AM
1. Well that game went from “fun” to “boring” to “exciting” to “infuriating” didn’t it?


2. It is now that time of the year when we as Steelers fans demand loudly from our armchairs: will the real Steelers step forward.

3. Hines in in 19th place al-time in NFL receiving yards … right past Michael Irvin.

4. Rashard Mendenhall is tied with Rocky Bleier with 9th most rushing TDs in team history at 23?

5. Jack DelRio cries himself to sleep at night. This Jags team is not very good.


6. What does it say that the Steelers beat this Jags team? Not much. The Jags don’t scare anyone. But the Steelers should only care about what wins say if they need the wins to do the talking for them. Face it, if the Ravens are 3-2 they all all-world Super Bowl contenders. If the Steelers are 3-2 they are on the ropes and too old.

7. For a bit there it looked like the Steelers found a running game. I noticed it showed up sometime last week. I also noticed that it didn’t last.


8. When it was 14-0 and the Jags looked over-matched. At that time during the game I was thinking that it was good to know that the Steelers could beat up on the creampuffs of the NFL because heaven knows they will run into a bunch of them on the way to the Super Bowl.


9. PSA: I’ve seen commercials that indicate that your manhood can legitimately called into question if you drink a light beer that is not Miller Lite.

10. It was good to see both Suisham and Sepulveda getting into the whole “sucking at the worst possible time” mode there in the second half.

11. And not to be left out … thanks Mundy! Running into the kicker. But hey, SURELY the offense would respond right? RIGHT?!

12. Speaking of which guess what Shannon Sharpe said on the pre-game show?

Seriously, guess. Nobody knows.

13. A contender would have put another 21 on those chumps in the third quarter and we’d all be much quieter this week. The Steelers keep committing penalties and keeping lesser teams in games that they don’t belong in …. Or maybe they DO belong in ….


14. The Steelers were statistically dominating the game for a good while there. That makes me feel statistically better about their chances this year.

15. This team lacks consistency in the areas that would make them a good team … like the whole “not being dumbasses” thing. They are inconsistent in not being dumbasses.


16. Perspective: At some point you have to decide whether you are going to endure a season or enjoy it. On the one hand this team has a winning record. On the other hand their “winning record” has them in 3rd place in the AFC North behind the Ravens and the Bengals so what good is it? So the more jaded amongst us lean towards accentuating the tremendous downside this team seems to have while the rest of us get called “homers”. The perspective we need to focus on is that there is a lot of football left to be played within the AFC North. And clearly, this team is in no longer in a position to assume its supremacy within its own division.