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10-09-2011, 05:32 PM
True it's only one game, but the collective laments of this board and the whole of the Steeler Nation seemed to be remedied today.

Can't stop the run? - After giving up 21 yards on the first play from scrimmage, CJ2K and the Titans ground attack were held to 45 yards on 17 carries the rest of the way (2.6 ypc). Yeah, sure, they fell behind early, but the Steeler D made a lot of key stops and plays behind the LOS when the game was still close.

Can't run the ball? How about 174 yards on only 28 carries? That's 6.2 yards per clip against a defense that had been giving up an averge of 87.8 yards and 3.2 ypc coming into the game. Granted 76 came on a single play, but we moved the chains and got positive yards all day today. Great game by Redman, Dwyer, and the line.

Can't score points? - How 'bout dialing up 38 offensive points on the number one scoring defense in the league heading into the game. If not for what appeared to be legitimate brain-fart by Roethlisberger at the end of the first half, we would have hanged a forty-burger on them.

Retarded offensive coordinator? You can't reverse idiocy in one game or a lifetime, but BA proved that has the ability to be - at least on occasion - an idiot savant. Beatiful play-calling today BA!!

No Wood? - Lamarr Woodley showed up today...period...finally. 1.5 sacks, consistent pressure, and the pick were just what we needed, down Deebo.

Worst O-line in modern team history? All it took was bringing back the guy we never should have released in the first place. Okay...maybe we should have released him. How else do you explain the motivation for Starks to shed 60 lbs in 2 months? He looked lean and mean out there today! The right side continued to look good, even though we lost Gilbert again. 2/3 of the Gator club sandwich were out for portions of the game today and we still got it done in the trenches. 174 yards on the ground, 1 sack, 2 hits on Ben (I think it was just 2), and a great job of keeping it together as guys went down to injury.

Everything seemed to get turned around today. With the pathetic Jags coming into town, follwed by a visit to the more pathetic Cardinals, we should be 5-2 headed into our back-to-back games against the Pats and Rats.

Everything is still right in front of us.

10-09-2011, 05:53 PM
All great points you bring up. Our D Line played well today too & didn't get pushed around. It might be time to move A. Smith & Hampton down on the depth chart.