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10-01-2011, 07:54 AM
I don't think it's ruffling any feathers to suggest our O line personnel are "below the line" (Pouncey excepted, though I hope that foot injury isn't still holding him back). But they are who they are because we spent money elsewhere - on draft picks, and re-signing veterans.

Presumably if we'd thrown some more money at the O-line in the last few years we could have done somewhat better ... but that would mean we would have had less money to spend on the other guys playing for us now. Maybe we wouldn't have been able to get/keep all of them on the Steelers. If that's the case ... who would you have paid less to, or not signed, in order to have one or two better O-line players this year?

I'll do an easy one ... maybe if we'd asked Smitty to take less ...

10-01-2011, 08:25 AM
Hindsight being 20/20, in the short term drafting an OL in Round 1 would have been more valuable because we get offensive players ready and on the field sooner than Heyward will ever see the field or any other defensive rookie We could have gotten another OL like Jai Reid in Round 3 and had two good OL prospects.

Long term however getting Heyward will pay off for us but we just have to go through the frustration of young defensive players not being able to get on the field.

10-01-2011, 08:39 AM
Not really sure there's much we could do differently considering how the chips fell for us.

Our best hope at this point is Gilbert continues to develop . . . . I doubt we'll pick in the top 10 next yr. but we should be in position to get a decent Lineman Round 1

My Mock Draft (2012)
1. OT
2. OG
3. OT
4. OG
5. K
6. OT
7. OC

10-01-2011, 09:53 AM

Gotta be looking at a CB in round 1- still the weakest position on the team.

I would be looking for a RT in the draft, because you never know if Colon will be the answer there.- injuries.. Personally, I'd draft a FB, but BA won't have it.....

Have to give the OL some time- it's pretty young up there, especially with Gilbert eventually moving over to LT for the long term. (That's why they drafted him...)

However- have to put it all in perspective- It's only week 4. Not really ready to look ahead to April at this point....


10-01-2011, 11:51 AM
I think our biggest needs are on the OL, WR, if we lose Wallace to free agency, otherwise Ryan Clark's position (SS or FS), and NT.

At tackle, I think Gilbert will be a good. I am not counting on Colon anymore. The rest suck. At guard, I thought Foster was OK last year we'll see how he does tomorrow. I'm tired of Kemo cause he cant pass block and he makes mental mistakes. Im disappointed with how Legs has played.

Hines is gone after this year in my opinion. If we lose Wallace we are down to two guys, AB and Manny. I liked the idea of getting Cotchery but he cant seem to get on the field which may be why the Jets let him go. If Wallace is back I think we're OK there barring an injury cause we could bring in a Grisham or FA for depth.

Ryan Clark has played OK so far but I thought he seemed slow at times last year, esp in the Super Bowl. I think this is his last year (dont know where he sits contract-wise) Maybe Lewis or C Allen could replace him next year but I think C Allen will be our next Ike and Ike is looking like he might be able to start all four years of his contract. For now C Brown looks like the nickel back for the near term and when Ike is gone he could probably move over there and we'd have Brown and Allen at the corners.

I think Saunders will be a good TE so we are good there until Heath gets too old. Mendy, Redman, and Batch will make a good stable of RBs. Ben will play forever (at least 5 more years so that is not an immediate need).

We've got young DEs and I think Keisel will be good to serviceable for a couple more year, but we could probably use a good NT in case McLendon doesnt work out. Is this the first year team's have tried cut-blocking Hampton or is he just getting older? Maybe he's the backup next year and done after that.

Ivy and Sly looked promising to me at ILB but Worilds has shown me nothing at OLB and jury is still out on Carter. Depth at OLB could be an issue too. How much longer can Deebo go?

10-01-2011, 01:02 PM
The question was how would you have drafted signed differently?

I would've drafted Sherrod with 1:31. Gilbert with 2:31. Brown with 3:31. Allen with 4:31. Carter with 5:31. Darren Evans (RB) with 6:31. Forbath (K) with 7:31.

Then I would've cut Aaron Smith and Farrior and McFadden and Gay (that's right, CUT all of them). That is a butt load of money saved. Then I would've asked Hampton and Ward to take a "little" pay cut for the purpose of going after the following FA's (it's much easier to swallow a pay cut when you see the team benefit clearly).

Free Agents: I would've signed short term contracts with FA McKinnie at LT, and FA Waters at RG, and (here's the kicker... wait for it...) a long term FA contract with Joseph at CB.

I would not have re-signed Colon. But I would've retained Butler and Hills. I would've re-signed Woodley and Ike and Timmons and Troy and "tried" re-sign Wallace.

That gives us two young book-end OT's for the next 8-10 years (the first 5 years on relatively cheap contracts). A temporary veteran stop-gap starter at LT this year in McKinnie. One of the new draftees starting at RT. And the other backing up in case of injury. Plus we still have Jonathan Scott as the swing tackle back up. At LG we keep fat ass Kemo one more year out of sheer necessity, but we have Hills competing there as well. At RG we start Waters starting, with either Foster or C. Scott backing up, but understanding that Gilbert could play there as well. And of course Pouncey and Legs at C. That gives a ten man OL of:

LT - McKinnie / Sherrod

LG - Kemo / Hills

OC - Pouncey / Legursky

RG - Waters / Foster

RT - Gilbert / J. Scott

LCB - Taylor / Lewis

RCB - Joseph / Allen

Nickel CB - Butler / Brown

ILB - Timmons / Ivy

ILB - Sly / Foote

LDE - Hood / Eason

NT - Hampton / Hoke

RDE - Keisel / McClendon

Does this leave our D-Line somewhat weak?... Yes... Does it leave our ILB's somewhat weak?... Yes... But you have to save money somewhere. We would be okay this year. And we could draft replacements next year. This year would be a little bit of a transition year as far youth and I would expect a lot of mental errors. But at least we would have the TALENT to compete for a Super Bowl. As the Rooney's said two years ago. We need to start seeing our rookies take the field earlier. And I would oblige them.

10-01-2011, 09:51 PM
Well, I would've seriously looked at McKinney. Esp. since Tomlin coached there at Minn. They needed to be proactive in FA esp. when they cut 2 Tackles. Then, McKinney signs with the Ravens.... :tt1