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09-26-2011, 04:36 PM
Ed: Is a Win Really a Win?


Long, harrowing drive in a rainstorm completed, here are a few quick ME & You before I call it a day:

-- YOU: NBC showed a clip of Casey getting chop-blocked by the center and RG.
If I'm not mistaken, the rule prohibits chop-blocking by the player
engaging the D-lineman and another player two spots away, such as the
OT or RB/WR. Where is the logic in this rule?

ME: There is none.

-- YOU: I noticed last night that Mendy was consistently not hitting the
right holes, especially if they developed in the middle of the line
(off RG or A/B gap. Do you also see this, and if so, is does he not
have this vision or is he basically afraid of contact?

ME: Noticed the same and it is part of my story for Tuesday.

-- YOU: On the tackle situation: If Jonathan Scott is hurt but Gilbert can
play, who starts where? Gilbert at LT and Chris Scott on the right?
Essex on the left and Gilbert on the right? Or vice-versa? My
preference would be to throw Gilbert and Scott into the fire, with
Essex waiting in the wings in case either one looks as overmatched as
poor Jonathan Scott.

ME: They will put together the personnel they believe will best do the job, and I'm not sure at this point what that is, and maybe they are not sure either.

-- YOU: I read your comment on A. Smith the other day. Honestly, he was man handled all night long tonight. Have we seen the end?
Also, who do we turn to now with the injuries? Flozell, S. Andrews? I am terrified.

ME: You're terrified? Think of Ben Roethlisberger.

-- YOU: Why do both of you guys give Ben a free pass on those fumbles? Granted he was under siege a good bit but he has to protect the football. That's his job. That's like saying Mendenhall's fumbles aren't his fault because he got tackled really hard. Not saying I could do any better, but then again I'm not being paid $100M+ either. He needs to do a better job of protecting the football.

ME: Indeed, he does need to protect the ball but when you're blindsided in the back two seconds after you get the snap and hit in the back, it's not something you're expecting.

-- YOU: Can I steal a quote from Bill Cowher after the ugly 10-6 win over the Giants in 1994 when Bam Morris rushed for 150 yards."IT WASN"T A MOZART" That definitely applies to last night. Remember I thought Mendy would get 1400 yards this season. The only way he would get that is if he was a salesman for a national lawncare chain.

ME: Funny, both of them.

-- YOU: Is it time for Tomlin to take a real hard look at his offense and what can be done to improve it from a scheme standpoint? I like the “standard is the standard” line, but you can’t make chicken salad using chicken crap. And continuing to force your people to do things they can’t physically accomplish is stubborn and foolish. I agree with you about any Super Bowl realities. In fact, I think this will be a repeat of 2009.

ME: I would bet Mike takes a hard look at the offense, which looked pretty good in the first quarter. They need to tighten up the line and look at their running game.

http://plus.sites.post-gazette.com/inde ... ally-a-win (http://plus.sites.post-gazette.com/index.php/pro-sports/steelers/112059-ed-is-a-win-really-a-win)

09-26-2011, 05:46 PM
"It wasn't a Mozart"?

It wasn't even a Manilow.

Even if our O line looks like so many Manitou.


09-26-2011, 07:42 PM
"It wasn't a Mozart"?

It wasn't even a Manilow.

Even if our O line looks like so many Manitou.


and Jonathon Scott looked like papa Manitee out there against Freeney.

09-26-2011, 10:16 PM
I am interested to read what he has to say about Mendy tomorrow.

09-26-2011, 10:40 PM
Scarlett - is that a paid article he'll release? If so, can you please give us a summary?

Oh, and yeah, I meant Manatee. WFT is a Manitou??