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Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 9.6.11
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 14:18
Written by Dan Gigler

Ed Bouchette: Good afternoon, A little early, but let's begin.

Tim - Imperial: Hello Ed, When the Ravens go 3 wide, any chance Keenan Lewis spells William Gay on a few series against the Ravens???

Ed Bouchette: No, William Gay is the nickel.

Capt Lou Albano: Ed, I'm at work and couldn't watch - how was the presser?

Ed Bouchette: Short and undistinguished. No information was passed.

Bruce: Any idea why the Steelers didn't put Keith Williams on the practice squad, and any chance they might bring him as well as Tony Hills back at a later date?

Ed Bouchette: If they thought that much of them, they would bring them back now, not later.

Mike: Are you concerned about the steelers at safety besides troy p? i can't remember a single play that either allen or mundy has made since joining the team--on defense or special teams

Ed Bouchette: There certainly is a great dropoff after Troy Polamalu, partly because he is so talented.

The Professor: Ed, what are the chances Timmons gets moved to the outside LB if Harrison's back is a no-go? Worilds looks very mediocre against the run, plus it would allow Timmons to move to the position he was drafted to play, not as a second-tier inside LB.

Ed Bouchette: Mike Tomlin today said that is a possibility if something were to happen to James Harrison.

Guest: Are you surprised that only Crezdon Butler was claimed by another team from the Steeler cut list?

Ed Bouchette: No, but I do expect punter Jeremy Kapinos to be somewhere soon.

Takon: Ed, I like how you wear jeans and a sports coat on tv. I've worn that look for years. Do you know if there is a name for that combo? Thanks.

Ed Bouchette: Yeah, it's called The Sportswriter Look. Today, I canned the sports coat and went with the sweter vest.

Jared: what do you read into the andre gurode signing in baltimore?

Ed Bouchette: Desperation.

Cool Dr. $: What did you think of Maryland's uniforms last night? Pretty loud, eh?

Ed Bouchette: I did not see them, but that seems to be the trend. They're even painting their fields red now. When you're good, you shouldn't have to wear flashy uniforms to stick out. My favorite college uniform remains Penn State's.

The Dream Weaver: Ed, I have a few roster cut questions. Do you think the Steelers whiffed in keeping three D-linemen Nose Tackle types and letting the Butler dance off to Pittsburgh West? And what about them keeping the ACL-less one, Sepulveda over Kapanos, where Kapanos clearly outperformed him? That looks like another whiff.

Ed Bouchette: I have no problem with any of those decisions. If Butler were that good, they would have found a way to keep him. you don't judge a punter based on nine punts each in the preseason. They know what they have in Sepulveda and knew what they had in Kapinos.

Guest: Besides the former Pitt player, are there any other names you're hearing who will workout for the Steelers?

Ed Bouchette: I was told they had four or five working out today. Listen, they do this virtually every Tuesday, especially early in the season. It often means nothing but gathering info on players.

Yoshi is Awesome: Is Saunders replacing Spaeth or can we expect Johnson to take on his duties?

Ed Bouchette: David Johnson will handle them, I was told.

TohotinTucson: Ed...tomlin said #92 might be sand bagging? A little hard to believe

Ed Bouchette: I don't think he meant it the way you are taking it.

Guest: Do you think Jonathan Dwyer will get any carries in a game this year?

Ed Bouchette: He probably won't dress unless there is an injury.

Clint Howard: Do you play fantasy football?

Ed Bouchette: No. Tried it about 20-25 years ago and it was too much work.

INSIDER INFO NEEDED: Any idea why the Steelers didn't get J. Crittenton to the PS? He made it so far in cuts, I figured he might get signed.

Ed Bouchette: The joke was on all of us. He only made it to Saturday because they could not get ahold of him on Friday to tell him he was cut and they didn't want to cut him before they told him.

mikeflores16: Any chance Steelers sign either of the 2 WRs who are visiting?

Ed Bouchette: 0

chicago_steeler_fan: what changed in the minds of the brass to go from starting hills to cutting him? was it anything behind the scenes?

Ed Bouchette: No, I think they wanted to find out if he could play guard. They found out.

Jim in VT: Will you suspend the sweater vest until week 7 in honor of Jim Tressel?

Ed Bouchette: No, wore it today. It's cold and rainy here.

Greg: Ed do you really think that Baltimore's O-line is in serious trouble? Can't be any worse than ours I'd say.

Ed Bouchette: I think it is worse than the Steelers. The Blindside kid could not play the Blindside and they signed up a fat and out of shape former Pro Bowl LT, and a center cut by the Cowboys. They should have called Flozell Adams.

Wilbur: How involved to you expect Weslye Saunders to be in the offense?

Ed Bouchette: Not very, not with Heath Miller and those wide receivers they have.

steeler4life: Ed any idea why the Steelers are bringing in Dickerson for a look ? Just cause he was local ?

Ed Bouchette: See my answer above about Tuesday workouts;.

Chris from NY: Ed - Do you type faster than Gerry? He responds much slower than you...

Ed Bouchette: Maybe he actually, you know, takes time to think before he answers.

ryan: What is your prediction for Steelers this year?

Ed Bouchette: I will have that in great detail Sunday morning.

The Dream Weaver: Will the Steelers dress three qb's? Seems illogical if they do?

Ed Bouchette: My guess is that they, and a lot of teams, will not because of the new rule.

Mick: Donovan Warren was just not that impressive? Not even for a practice squad job?

Ed Bouchette: Has there been a scramble by others to sign him?

The Professor: I just wanted to get the record straight before the season starts - I watched the film, thought about it, and had a change of heart. Timmons is pretty good afterall, I guess. Pretty, pretty good.

Ed Bouchette: Coming from you, that's pretty good.

Tom: Ed, who do you see being the 3rd and 4th wideouts this week?

Ed Bouchette: Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown.

mikeflores16: Is Cotchery ok, and will he dress on Sunday?

Ed Bouchette: I would expect him to dress, yes. he's fine.

Steelers 420: Ed, do you get the jitters before every season begins or are you over that stuff?

Ed Bouchette: Can't remember the last time I got the jitters about the opening of a season -- 1984, maybe, when I covered the Maulers opener at Oklahoma.

Steel Curtain Rising: Ed, just out of curosity why did you say that the practice squad signings were "unimportant" when Chris Hoke, James Harrison, and Issac Redman did apprenticeships there?

Ed Bouchette: And Dan Kreider too, don't forget. That's, what, four in how many years? And if my memory hasn't gotten too bad, I don't think Harrison was on the practice squad.

Ed Bouchette: Check that. Harrison WAS on the practice squad in 2002.

Steel Curtain Rising: Ed, you mentioned on PG Plus a while back that you normally write the bulk of your story, do the interviews, and then updated the story with the quotes. Have you ever had to fundamentally change the direction of a story based on what you learned in the locker room after a game?

Ed Bouchette: that's purely for night games. During day games, I write the story after the locker room. For night games, yes, I have changed based on stuff I learned in the locker room, especially when it involves injuries that we did not have the information about before we went to the locker room or before the coach talked.

Avon, Indiana Rules: I am going to be in Baltimore this weekend. Where should I eat and is it safe to wear my Greg Warren jersey out around town?

Ed Bouchette: I don't eat at the top spots. I like little bistros with good, tap beer and a burger. You can wear your Warren jersey, just don't go into any dark corners where they can gang up on you.

Steel Curtain Rising: You've pointed out all along that for Mike Tomlin, Byron Leftwich is to back up quarterbacks what Mike Tomzack was to back up quarterbacks (at least in the 1990's.) Is that wise of Tomlin considering Leftwich's history with injuries?

Ed Bouchette: I never said that, never wrote that, never thought that.

Bill: What's the word with Pouncey's ankle injury? Is this going to be a year long issue?

Ed Bouchette: I think he is fine, just scar tissue breaking down is what our understanding is.

Margo: Do you expect Mendenhall and Redman to split carries/playing time on Sunday?

Ed Bouchette: They will split both just not 50-50, probably more 85-15.

Girl Crazy: Is it true that the Steelers are getting cheerleaders this season?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think you ever have to worry about that.

Charlotte Steel: Ed, If Pouncey had been healthy, do the Steelers open this season as SB Champs? Ben's pick six probably doesn't happen if Pouncey plays...

Ed Bouchette: I don't think it was that simple.

Mr. Future Endeavors: Did you catch any Pittsburgh Power arena action?

Ed Bouchette: Not only did I not, I have yet to step foot in either the new arena or the Pitt arena.

ryan: Do u think Manning will be back when we play Colts in week 3?

Ed Bouchette: My guess is no and that the Steelers will see Kerry Collins.

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Yet another Bullchette chat with nothing new to report....

Edit: I appreciate the posting though, occasionally theres some decent insights, but not enough to be worth even $3 a month.

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Yet another Bullchette chat with nothing new to report....

Edit: I appreciate the posting though, occasionally theres some decent insights, but not enough to be worth even $3 a month.

Some of his comments made me laugh.