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08-20-2011, 12:38 PM
Very soon all the threads projecting the final 53 will start. Every year a lot of tough decisions have to be made. This year is the same if not tougher. What I am interested in now though is what are the rules applying to those players who are cut.

Yes, every year this comes up and someone straightens me out on this stuff and like clockwork, every year I forget how it works and get more confused. Also this year I have even more questions to confuse the situation even more. But 1st here is what I rembember from past seasons.

If a player does not make the final 53 he is considered waived. And any team can claim him. I suppose you can consider him a Free Agent. Is that not so? Anyway, Question 1. If he is claimed by another team does he have to be added to their final 53 roster as is the case when a player is claimed from a Practice Squad? Question 2. This one is think is correct. If a player is waived [cut] and is not claimed by anyone he then can be signed to the teams PS if they choose to do so. Also, if the player cut [waived] chooses to do so he can sign on to any other teams PS. Example. Roy Lewis a couple years ago. But, my question is can other team claim the player to their PS before the claiming period is up. I would think not. Just as the cutting team cannot put the player on their PS until he passes waivers. Anyway, after the claiming period is up then the player is available to be added to any teams PS.

I think the above is correct. What confuses many fans, me included is we think that the players who were just barely cut are on our PS already and the rules covering the claiming of PS players applies to them. I do not think so. Anyway, every year that also comes up and every year I forget them too. [I don't even want to get into those rules covering PS eligibility---those drive everyone nuts too. But for now really don't apply.]

HOWEVER: This year something new has come up for me. Many new questions. And this is what I am really interested in now.

Question 1. If a drafted player is waived what happens to his contract. Is it terminated? Then Question 2. Say the player clears waivers and is put on the PS. Is he now resigned to a new contract? I have never seen anything about this and now am curious.

Okay one more question. This if true distinguishes between the rules of a cut player being claimed off the final 53 cut and a player claimed from a teams PS. Question: Is it correct that a player claimed from a PS can be negated if the team the player is claimed from adds the player to their own 53. If that is true, then that is the major difference from a player not making the final 53 and being claimed. Because in that case the player is gone. Case closed. Some informed help on any of these points is welcome.

08-20-2011, 01:48 PM
I believe all PS players make the same amount of money

5k/week IIRC

Would have to thinks it's a new contract from the one they signed as a draft pick/udfa

08-20-2011, 03:24 PM
NJ-STEELER said: "Would have to thinks it's a new contract from the one they signed as a draft pick/udfa)

Yes, that certainly makes sense. But surprisingly, I have never heard or read anything about that.

What about some of the other questions. I think most of the facts are correct but the one about "If a player is claimed from a teams Practice Squad the team that the player is claimed from can add the player to their own 53 and negate the claim. I'm not sure about that and maybe have it mixed up with teams can match offers from other teams on players that have Restricted Free Agent contracts. Clarify, anyone?

08-20-2011, 08:23 PM
Practice squad players have to clear waivers before they can be signed to the practice squad...

Any team can pick up any practice squad player, but they have to put that player on their 53 man for a few weeks...

The team who holds the practice squad contract can put that player on their 53 man in order to keep him...