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08-19-2011, 09:48 AM
...teams in the league.

As for The Steelers players...it's open season!!!!

I'm to a point that I think we just start caving in everybody's freaking
heads!!!! Bleep, Bleeping bleeeeeeep!!!!

The D was taking it to easy on the Iggles, while the Iggles are taking cheap-shots!!

Ben's getting hit late, the refs turn a blind eye, and its only the 2nd freaking
preseason game.

What about the hit, three seconds after Ben threw, that nearly sent him cart-
wheeling through the air??????

I only remember the refs calling the "Blatant" face-mask penalty.

Like I said, the Zebras ain't gonna be giving us nothing, so we gonna have to
take what's ours!!!!

As far as the preformance last night...AWESOME!!!

I thght the offense was great! Don't like to see two Left Tackles get injured, hope
they aren't serious.

Ben, Mendy, Redman, Brown, Hines etc really put on a nice show.

Loved Hines TD Celebration Dance!!!!

Starting Defense looked a 1000x's better than last week....

Picked off Vick 3 times, and I think a total of 5 turnovers.... :tt1 :tt1

Still looking for Sly to step up, I was thinking he would "Ball-Out" as
a back-up MLB, but havent seen it yet. Same for Worilds...

Who is Don Warren!!!!!???

Really like what I see in him??

Around the ball, making tackles, and some pretty good coverage.....

Thats about it...oh wait...

Wasn't that the best hit on OchoStinko!!!!!!!!!! Then the refs bail him out
with a freaking H to H hit, which was freaking BS!!! Perfectly timed to
break-up the completion....just a freaking horrrrrrible call!!!!

I hate the Pats***!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Steeeeeelers!!!


08-19-2011, 09:50 AM
You forgot to add your signature trademark...."Foaming at the mouth like a crazed dog!"



08-19-2011, 11:04 AM
I thought the hit by Babin on Ben was especially egregious. He took two or three steps after Ben threw the pass and then dove at his legs. It was a dirty play, pure and simple - I'd like to see him fined.

08-19-2011, 04:02 PM
You forgot to add your signature trademark...."Foaming at the mouth like a crazed dog!"



Pap, its not foaming, its Frooooooothing at the mouth, like
A crazed dog!!!!

Ill remember to use it on every post!!!

Thx Pap...


08-19-2011, 04:12 PM
There was also a late hit on Lefty AFTER he slid ("gave himself up"), as Pap and I commented on in the game chat thread.

And don't forget that dive at the knees that Vick took when he took out Troy. We're not allowed to touch him 'coz he's a QB, but he can take someone's knees out in the same play?